SnowStick - A Cosmetic Plugin Designed To Give Your Server Flare With A Cool Weapon 1.0

SnowStick provides a simple yet delightful way to give your server flare with a cool weapon!

  1. WilsonXJones
    Hello, and thank you for clicking! This is SnowStick, a cosmetic plugin that gives your server flare with a cool weapon!

    What Does SnowStick Do?

    Servers using SnowStick have access to a very cool weapon. Once downloaded and installed a user may perform the command ( /snowstick ) to receive our snowball shooting stick The applications are endless with SnowStick but the main application would be towards adding cosmetic flare to your server.


    SnowStick's installation is as simple as dropping the Jar into your servers plugin directory. If you need help with installing SnowStick, please message the author.


    Users may use the command below to equip their Minecraft characters with a SnowStick.

    /snowstick : Equips player with a SnowStick


    If you would like to give a particular group access to SnowStick's wonderful command you may use the permission node ( snowstick.* ).