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The plugin allowing for the best social experience inside a server!

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    ALERT: This plugin is in very early stages and is mainly community driven. I want to add updates to it as the community requests so please comment ideas or message me them!
    What is Social Citizens?
    Social Citizens provides fun chat related commands giving a fun social experience.
    The plugin is driven by you (the community) and I'm open to tons of feedback, whether it be through a message or a comment. I want the plugin to try to accomplish YOUR needs, not what I THINK your needs are.

    How it works?
    There are a 4 SIMPLE steps for installing SC
    1. Download the recourse (it's completely free, no hidden fees :D)
    2. Go to the folder the Plugin was downloaded to (usually the download section if you are a Windows user)
    3. Upload this plugin to wherever you are using it, whether it be in a "home hosted" server or a more advanced network and place it in the plugins folder.
    4. Start up your server and look for the message SocialCitizens has been enabled in the console, if you have seen this then the setup was successful.

    Current features/commands:
    - /poke (username) - Allows you to poke a user and get their attention, you can also poke back a user by poking the user that just previously poked you.
    - /shout (message) - allows the user to make a public announcement for everyone online to see!
    - /trade (username) - Disables/Enables trade mode with a certain user, once trade mode is activated simply open your inventory and click an item inside to send it to that user!
    - /cc - Clears the chat!
    - /news

    - Anti-Swear features built in too!!!!!

    Up Coming Features:

    - The ability to toggle /trade, I have realized it might be annoying having users spam items into your inventory so you will be able to disable that
    - Bungee support
    - /profile allowing you to access a little Inventory GUI containing all your profile info!

    It's now up to you,

    The plugin (as said above) is in very early stages and I want YOUR feedback on how this plugin implements new ideas and features to best suit your needs. Please report bugs to me A.S.A.P, if you would like to talk "grown up" talk with me or "business" with me about development and/or the future of the plugin please contact me via private message!
    - sc.shout (gives the user access to the command /shout)
    - (gives the user access to the command /cc)
    - (gives the user access to the command /trade)
    - (gives the user access to the command /news set)
    - sc.poke

    Went setting up your server it may be a little bit confusing when looking inside a plugin's config. I am going to attempt to help guide you through everything you need to know for my plugin's config!
    - For starters, when looking for the config file it should be inside a folder named after the plugin! (in this case it is SocialCitizens)
    - When you open this folder you'll see a wonderful file named config
    - Double click on config (or use your favorite file opening method) and look at all dem settings!

    Now lets go over what each setting does!
    This feature determines whether or not the player receives a friendly MOTD about the plugin SocialCitizens! This requires a boolean value (true/false) to configure! The default setting for this is false (it is currently in beta)

    This is the current news for the server, accessed by the /news command! This setting requires a STRING value (blalalallaa hi bla). You must reload the server or restart to update the news in-game if changed in the config file (I highly suggest using /news set (message), it is easier)

    Determines the delay between poking.

    This determines whether or not the plugin stops people from swearing, the default setting is true. This setting requires a Boolean value!

    This controls what words the anti-swear method detects and stops a user from saying in-game. To add a word simply hit enter and press - word
    Word meaning whatever the word you don't want will be!

    Are you a developer?
    I have social citizens completely open source. You can view it at GitHub . If you have any suggestions or tips to give me about my development, please send them to me on skype (bran4donwin) or PM me. Thank you!

    Like what I'm doing?
    Then please donate, donations go towards helping me buy equipment to produce better quality plugins! (I'm currently in serious need of a new computer and any help would be amazing!)​

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