Social Citizens .36

The plugin allowing for the best social experience inside a server!

  1. Development Update

    Why did the new update take so long?
    The new update took so long because I got too caught up in school work and other development projects, therefore I was unable to continue work with SocialCitizens.

    What's new in this update?
    What you'll soon notice is that this update is more about updating you about future development of the plugin and what is happening behind the scenes. This plugin was made a while ago when I was at a very beginner level of Java (I still am no pro but I have improved). Now, I have started from scratch in a lot of areas and tried to remake the entire project setup and backend of everything. There are no real changes, I did add 1 command though, this command is /cc and it clears the chat. The permission to run this command is, that is pretty much it for client side things

    Also, my project is now available to look at on GitHub, you can find it HERE! Please give me feedback on my new project, I'm still learning as I go and I would love to hear professional developers give me tips or tell me ways I can improve my current code.

    What new features will be added in the next update?
    The next update will be all about trading, it will have an entirely new trading system using Inventory GUIs instead of the old version which was terrible.

    What can I do to help?
    If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, post them in the thread or send me a PM. Also, as I said above, if you are a developer and have any suggestions or tips you can give me, feel free to shoot me a PM

    If you have any issues, or want to contact me personally, my skype is bran4donwin

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