Social Citizens .36

The plugin allowing for the best social experience inside a server!

  1. Poking Update

    What's new?
    Players can now poke each other using the command /poke. This was suggested by a user and is now added. If someone has poked you, you can poke this player back as well.

    New Commands:
    - /poke (player name), permission: sc.poke

    I changed the majority of the permissions so that they are more simple and easier to type. Go to the recourse page and click on the permissions spoiler to see all the new permissions!

    What's coming next?
    I can assure you that /profile will be in the next update. Along with that, /trade will also be fully functional in the next update. I will soon be adding MySQL support but I can't guarantee it will be in the next update. Be patient, more things will be coming soon!

    Developer's notes:
    Sorry for the lack of updates and inactivity recently, I have been very busy with irl things and development has become difficult but now that I am more settled I can get back to work on new features.

    As always, if you can, please donate! These plugins take time and money to make (pc parts etc.) so if you want to support what I'm doing go to the recourse page and scroll to the bottom where you can donate!
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