Social Citizens .36

The plugin allowing for the best social experience inside a server!

  1. Poking Update

    What's new?
    Players can now poke each other using the command /poke. This was suggested by a user and is now added. If someone has poked you, you can poke this player back as well.

    New Commands:
    - /poke (player name), permission: sc.poke

    I changed the majority of the permissions so that they are more simple and easier to type. Go to the recourse page and click on the permissions spoiler to see all the new...
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  2. Development Update

    Why did the new update take so long?
    The new update took so long because I got too caught up in school work and other development projects, therefore I was unable to continue work with SocialCitizens.

    What's new in this update?
    What you'll soon notice is that this update is more about updating you about future development of the plugin and what is happening behind the scenes. This plugin was made a while ago when I was at a very beginner level of Java (I still am no pro but I...
  3. Bug Fixes

    What's new?
    - Brand new color codes implemented to communication commands
    For example: (&1&bHello guys!)
    You can now use those codes to change the news to colorful messages, shout colorful messages and send someone a colorful message
    - Major bug fix with /trade (the command actually works now!!!!0
    - Minor tidying up in classes!

    If you have any problems or suggestions please report them to ME!!!!​
  4. Whats the news?

    This is a smaller update adding many new features.

    - Added better layout for many things (fancy)
    - Added new anti-swear system, this feature can be disabled or enabled in the config, it allows you to add and remove certain words you do not want displayed in your chat including server names and much more (the anti-swear will also take affect for commands such as the new /news set)
    Anti-Swear Example:

    - Added new...​