Social Media Commands 2.0

Gives social media commands!

  1. GUI items are now easier to customize!

    Version 2.0 IS Finally HERE!

    - The GUI is now 100% customizable
    - If commands are disabled It will remove them out of the GUI
    - You can now use the item id's such as 1 for stone, or 98 for stone bricks to customize the items
    - /ReloadConfig has been added
    - Bugs have been fixed

    This will be the last major update to this plugin until Minecraft version 1.13 comes out! A special thanks goes out to anyone who reported bugs and or left ideas!
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  2. GU is finished and you can now reload config in-game!

    - The Social Media GUI is now 100% customizable
    - Added blank items to the GUI
    - If command is disabled removes item from GUI
    Added Commands:
    - /ReloadConfig
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  3. GUI items are now customizable!

    You can now customize the names and items in the GUI! They also support color codes
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  4. Fixed Compatibility issues

    - Rolled back to Java 8
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  5. New features!

    - Added customizable prefix!
    - Added option to enable / disable commands!
    - Supports multi-line messages!
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