Socials 1.1

Advertise your social media easily on your minecraft server.

  1. Alv5ro
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    RyVador, Peaches_MLG, _Pesto
    Advertise your social media easily on your Minecraft server.

    • Allows as many socials as you want.
    • You can allow a sound that you choose (along with pitch and volume) to be played when /social is run.
    • Easy and straightforward to use config file.
    • Default colour code for both the Name and on Hover can be used.
    • Support for 1.16.5.

    • /social
    • Description: Opens a message with links to your Social Media
    • Aliases:
      • /socials
      • /socialmedia
      • /website
      • /discord

    #What each Name should have just before it (purely visual).
    Prefix: '&f&l » '
    #What each Name should have just after it (purely visual).
    Suffix: ' &f&l«'

    #What sound plays when a player runs the command /social. A list of all sounds can be found at
    #Volume has to be < 0
    Volume: 1
    #Pitch must be any number between 0 and 2
    Pitch: 1

    #This can be anything you want (won't affect what is printed).
    #What the player sees when running the command /social.
    Name: '&9&lSupport'
    #Text revealed when hovered over Name.
    Hover: '&bClick here to join the discord!'
    Link: ''
    Name: '&a&lWebsite'
    Hover: '&bClick here to visit the website!'
    Link: ''
    #You can make as many Socials as you want.
    Name: '&e&lRanks'
    Hover: '&bClick here to expand the server!'
    Link: ''

    This is my very first plugin, if you liked it or found it useful please consider leaving a message or rating it as everything will let me know where I can improve and it will also give me reassurance!:)

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  1. _Pesto
    Version: 1.1
    Well done on your first plugin mate. Nice and simple and a good plugin to get started with.
    1. Alv5ro
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much, it was great fun to making it together!