Societies 0.8

self-sustaining society management system

  1. p000ison

    Societies is a revived version of the original SimpleClans and is targeted to support a wide range of minecraft servers. At the moment Societies only supports Bukkit, but as new server implementations come up support will be added (Sponge support is confirmed).

    “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
    —Hans Hofmann

    SimpleClans was borne out of the need for a self-sustaining drop-and-go system that could be easy to picked up by new players and required minimal attention from server staff. The system has been running over at the SacredLabyrinth where it has been enjoyed and refined by its community. I present it now for public consumption, enjoy.



    How do I install Societies?
    1. Download societies-bukkit-plugin.jar and put it into your "plugins/" folder (You do not need to download the libralries).
    2. Run your server!
    Where do I learn how to use Societies?
    To learn more about Societies you can look right here.

    Why no SQL/MySQL?
    When I started the development MySQL was one of my targets, but really? How the fuck needs such an overblown system? The resources Societies takes if you take all your data in memory is minimal. A external MySQL database would add a huge amount of overhead.

    If need support for BungeeCord, there's no problem. Societies will support it in future. Also a MySQL database for BungeeCord support would only be a workaround as it's no direct server<->server communication.

    Also you shouldn't use MySQL for data sharing between the game-server and website. It would create great security issues. The solution here is a simple REST API, which will allow your website to get the data.
    BUT: Let me know if you have a use-case where you really depend on MySQL and we can talk about it.

    Where can I report bugs or request features?
    Visit our issue tracker to request bug-fixes or features.

    Where can I find a list of commands and permissions?
    Here for commands and here.

    What are the next milestones?
    1. Add land-claiming (Post which land-protection plugin you use!)
    2. Add war management
    3. Add kill statistics
    4. Create converter from Factions
    5. Super-cool chat formatting
    6. Add bulletin board

    Use develpment builds at your own risk!

Recent Reviews

  1. SynixProject
    Version: 0.8
    I hope an update for the plugin comes out soon i have seen a version of this plugin used to create towns and claim.