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A Server Manager | Take up your phone and manage your server

  1. LovelyCatV
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese English
    This is an app that can remotely manage the server.

    Main functions:
    Support multi server fast switch
    Real time monitoring of server status
    You can view the online player list
    Can be operated on online players
    Support credit counting plug-in
    It can send commands to the server console (return results in real time)
    View plug-in list to support hot uninstall / install
    View / operate forbidden list
    Associated with the vault economic plug-in
    Support for placeholder API
    One click processing of player feedback
    Portable multi world management
    Real time chat (plan)

    2021-2-26 11:33
    MinecraftServerX2.0Preview2.9 && SocketServerPreview2.7
    1. Fix the garbled display of the console log in the app advanced section
    2. Fix player's unavailable / SS report for feedback
    3. The new app use right determines that the use of non root admin accounts will be restricted
    4. Re enable exception auto destruction

    2021-2-22 12:26
    MinecraftServerX2.0Preview2.8 && SocketServerPreview2.6
    1. Fix the problem that the plug-in broadcasts the client is disconnected information to the full service
    2. Add player feedback function permission It is open to all by default. Please refer to / SS help for details
    3. New authority
    socketserver.account.add : op
    socketserver.account.del : op
    socketserver.account.changepwd : op
    socketserver.debug : op : true
    4. Please replace the language file or delete it directly- zhCN.yml
    4. Please replace the language file or delete it directly- zhCN.yml
    4. Please replace the language file or delete it directly- zhCN.yml
    (say important things three times) (say important things three times) (say important things three times)

    Details of player feedback function:
    Anyone can use / SS report < message > to give feedback
    The administrator with app function can find the player feedback panel in advanced and reply directly. The player will receive a reply when he goes online (this time only)
    Messages that have been replied will be shown in red and those that have not been processed will be shown in green

    2021-2-19 18:56

    1. Fix the problem that the server CPU usage is too high after the app is disconnected (open the test first, and continue to adjust later if the problem still exists)
    2. If the plug-in fails to connect to the database when it starts, it will be destroyed automatically
    3. Optimize instruction prompt
    4. Improve the language documents
    ? this update has no app modification. Use version 2.0preview 2.7

    2021-2-16 15:25
    MinecraftServerX2.0Preview2.7 && SocketServerPreview2.4
    1. Fix the problem of garbled Chinese code in transmission
    2. Cancel the automatic destruction of application exception (exception information will still be recorded automatically)
    3. Fix the abnormal display of application icon (it's not black any more)
    4. New world management function (now you can find it in the advanced section)
    Since then, each update will be accompanied with the corresponding display diagram:)

    Known bug: (high CPU consumption after socket server plug-in running for a period of time)

    2021-2-15 15:48

    MinecraftServerX2.0Preview2.6 && SocketServerPreview2.3
    1. Fix the problem of packet loss in data transmission
    2. Fix the player list data acquisition error
    3. Fine tune UI font size
    4. Add multi language support (the app needs to be restarted manually when switching in the upper right corner of the main interface)
    5. Add credit playerpoints support to the player details page (playerpoints under development)

    2021-2-14 16:59
    MinecraftServerX2.0Preview2.5 && SocketServerPreview2.2
    1. Fix the crash caused by the wrong account password
    2. Improve UI experience
    3. Add offline players to view and merge into the player list
    4. Add setting page (upper right corner of main interface)
    5. Optimize code logic
    6. Check the update and go online again

    2021-2-12 18:25
    MinecraftServerX2.0Preview2.4 && SocketServerPreview2.1
    1. Fix the bug that app can only connect to socketserver once
    (Note: This update needs to replace both app and plug-in)

    2021-2-12 00:03
    1. Fix the crash caused by placeholder API

    1. Fix the crash caused by communication data transmission
    2. Simplify crash log


    1. Fix the crash caused by no placeholder API
    Now you can choose whether to install the API or not. If not, TPS acquisition will be disabled
    2. One click Copy / import server is supported
    3. Please refer to the bottom of player details for adding vault support

    Plug in version 1.6
    --Completely remake the plug-in and fix a lot of old bugs
    --Improve stability
    App version 2.0
    --Completely remake app and repair a large number of old bugs
    --Improve stability

    Plug in version 1.4
    --Add support for placeholder API (placeholder API)
    App version 1.5
    --Add support for placeholder API (placeholder API)
    --Fixed a lot of bugs

    Plug in version 1.3
    --You can operate the player's backpack
    App version 1.4
    --You can operate the player's backpack
    --Repair Chinese transmission garbled code

    Plug in version 1.2
    --New player Backpack
    App version 1.3
    --New player Backpack
    --Fix some bugs

    App version 1.2
    --Fixed some bugs

    Plug in version 1.1
    --Add banned player / set player health

    App version 1.1
    --Fix player list refresh display problem
    --Add banned player / set player health
    --View banned player list

    App version 1.2
    --Repair (banlist) blocking list may cause app flash back problem
    --(add app Statistics)

    [SPOILER =“ Images”]
    202087BanEN.png Screenshot_20200805-234548.png Screenshot_20200805-234531.png Screenshot_20200805-234552.png Screenshot_20200805-234459.png
    How to use it?
    Just follow the instructions and connect to the server.
    If theres unseleted, manually click the refresh button.

    / ss help Get help
    / ss reload Reload plugin
    / ss restart Restrat Socoket


    Download: code:75kr

    How to use:
    The upper right corner of the app can switch languages (called "语言").
    1. Install plugin
    2. Start the server
    3. Generate configuration file
    4. Shut down the server
    5. Configure MySQL and fill relevant information into the configuration file of the plug-in (if necessary)
    6. Sign up for an account (if necessary, use / SS help for help)
    7. Check the configuration file and write down the socket port. The default is 23333
    8. Open the top right corner of the app, add the server and fill in the correct information
    9. If you have any questions, please see the following notes first!

    Some operations of app:
    1. The menu in the top right corner of APP main interface contains server list, switch server, crash log and settings
    2. In the server list, the server can enter the edit interface. After entering the edit interface, you can copy the server information with one click in the upper right corner
    3. In the top right corner of the server list, you can add a server from the clipboard with one click (only one server)
    4. In the lower right corner of the crash log, you can clear the log information with one click
    5. The data auto refresh frequency can be found in the settings

    This project is not easy to make. If you think it's great.Why not donate it!

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