SolidFix 2.0_04

A resource developed to fix the notorious block glitch that occurs while breaking blocks rapidly

  1. Qruet
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Description |
    This plugin resolves the annoying "glitchiness" you get from being trapped in an invisible block while mining, usually rapidly. Originally, the only solution was to reconnect to the server or tediously placing blocks around yourself to get out of the trapped position you are in. This plugin automatically prevents this from happening, creating a seamless, smooth mining experience.

    Above displays a player falling onto a bugged block which is preventing them from touching the ground. Since the player is now stuck, they either have to place blocks around them to resume mining or reconnect to the server so that they are no longer trapped.

    Origin |
    If you can relate to any one of these issues, then you should download this plugin. ================================================================================

    Features |
    • Lightweight
      • I spent quite a bit of time making sure that the plugin performed its best without any impact on the server's performance.
    • Configurable
    • Works right out of the box
      • Although I recommend you still go through and tweak the values so that you get the best performance from the plugin that fits best for your server, it all works right after installation. No permissions or commands to be concerned about.
    • Non-invasive to gameplay
      • I spent quite a bit of time to make sure that my plugin had barely any noticeable effect on the gameplay of the server, including the performance. The only change you'll notice is that you'll no longer have to experience any more annoying hidden glitched out blocks.
    • Easy-To-Use API
    Config |
    Code (Text):

    # ==============================| SolidFix |==============================
    # A fix developed by qruet
    # Show me your appreciation by buying me a coffee!
    # ================================================================================

    # Define the maximum ping that a player would need to be classified as a low or medium priority.
    # Ping rates are measured in (ms).
    # Do not change this if you are not sure what you are doing.
        Max Ping: 150
        Max Ping: 300

    # This sets for the cooldown (ms) necessary between block breaks for this plugin to begin updating nearby blocks for the player
    # The sensitivity is organized by priority.
    # Priorities (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) are determined based off of the player's ping.
    # A player with good ping will be considered low priority for the plugin for example.
    # Players with high ping rates will be more likely to experience more frequent ghost blocks

    # Smaller Number = Optimizes performance in exchange for accuracy
    # Unit: Milliseconds
    Block Break Sensitivity:
      LOW: 150
      MEDIUM: 300
      HIGH: 650

    # Block Update Radius (from player)
    # Smaller Number = Improved Server Performance (less resource intensive)
    # Unit: Blocks
    Radius: 4

    # Visual Bug Fix
    # Reported on 1.8 clients
    # This is not related to the ghost block fix but rather a visual chunk bug that occurs while
    # changing worlds or connecting to the server within the first several seconds.
    Chunk Visual Bug Fix: False

    The plugin consists of an easy to use API that is well documented. Here are some examples to get you started!

    Get registered block update radius.
    Code (Text):
    import me.geekles.blockglitchfix.api;
    System.out.println("Radius: " + BlockGlitchFixAPI.API.getRadius());
    Getting a list of players that are receiving block updates.
    Code (Text):
    for(Player player : BlockGlitchFixAPI.API.getPlayers()){
       player.sendMessage("Your blocks are being updated!");
    Manually update nearby blocks for the player.
    Code (Text):
    BlockGlitchFixAPI.API.updateNearbyBlocks(myPlayer, 6 /*radius*/);

    BlockGlitchFixAPI.API.updateNearbyBlocks(myPlayer, 6 /*radius*/, true /*enable stack trace message if updating nearby blocks fails*/);
    You can also easily listen for when a player receives a block update!
    Code (Text):
        public void onBlockUpdates(BlockUpdateEvent e) {
            Player player = e.getPlayer();
            Bukkit.broadcastMessage(player.getName() + " had their blocks updated!");
    Keep in mind those are only a few of the many things you can do with the new API, feel free to explore all the methods. I've documented their uses so it should be relatively simple to understand. Add me on discord if you are in need of any further assistance! Qruet#3995

    This project is also open-source, check out the GitHub page by clicking the image below!

    I try my best to make sure all my plugins work as described, but bugs can still exist, please, before leaving a review to notify me about the bug and I'll try my best to be as quick as possible to release a fix.

    I'm open to any cool ideas you may have. Don't be shy, private message me them and I'll consider adding it to my plugin! My goal is to make my plugin the best it can possibly be, but I need your help with that! :D

    You can follow me with my overall progress on all of my projects including this one on my discord! Discord is also the quickest way to reach me with any dying questions and/or concerns. Join the server by clicking the following link or image below:


    This resource, although free, I do ask that you respectively follow a few rules which you agree to accept by downloading my resource.
    • Do not re-upload my plugin and claim it as your own.
      • This includes minor changes to the plugin or large fragments of it being used in another plugin without my direct permission.
      • You may, of course, use the API and upload a resource as an add-on to this plugin if you wish, however, I ask you to provide me with some sort of credit.
    • Claiming that this plugin was developed by yourself even if you don't re-upload is also a violation of my terms.


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Recent Reviews

  1. sadasdasda412332
    Version: 2.0_03
    good like .
  2. zProManyGamer_
    Version: 1.8.3
    It works perfectly, although sometimes the block you broke reappears for a few seconds. Congratulations to the Developer!
  3. Vasquezfr15
    Version: 1.8.3
    update to 1.16.2 I really thought the plugin was a great idea. 10/10 recommended for mine servers or not necessarily
  4. Alex99
    Version: 1.8.3
    fix pls

    [02:36:07 ERROR]: [BlockGlitchFix] The plugin does not support the current version of your server, git-Paper-284 (MC: 1.15.2). This is likely because the client glitch effect has been already resolved by Mojang. Please file a bug report on the github page if you believe this is an error.
    1. Qruet
      Author's Response
      The issue with ghost blocks doesn't occur in 1.15 any longer (Mojang resolved this issue themselves). Therefore the plugin disables itself since the tool is not needed for a non-existant issue.
  5. PandaSlayer
    Version: 1.8.2
    Plugin works but a small issue where there is a delay between breaking blocks and it actually breaking
    1. Qruet
      Author's Response
      This could be just a standard issue with high latency which is something my plugin can't resolve, merely suppress the potential packet loss that can come from this. Feel free though to provide me with a detailed bug report via my discord/github/or spigot pm and I can look into it more clearly.
  6. howtoNhut
    Version: 1.8.2
    best plugin fix glitch block, please keep update it :)
    80 characters......................
  7. _IceFire_
    Version: 1.7.0
    Yey!!! I'M FIRST! Which is giving positive review to this version :D! I like the plugin after this update I LOVE IT

    Regards, _IceFire_
  8. ZetaStormy
    Version: 1.6.6
    Amazing plugin, it is perfect.
  9. hophidat
    Version: 1.6.6
    is it optimized, I work on skyblock digging a lot.
    1. Qruet
      Author's Response
      Yes, the plugin is designed to manage as many checks as possible with little to no affect on the server's performance. A lot of the plugin's mechanics are handled asynchronously.
  10. Porkchop
    Version: 1.6.6
    This bug is back on 1.14+ so its still relevant. Not sure what they did to make the block glitch come back because 1.14 was a disaster in general.
    1. Qruet
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear that this plugin is still relevant.