SoloDrinkbleach 1.0

This is a 1.8 plugin that adds the command "/drinkbleach"

  1. Cat_Whisperer_1
    Author: Cat_Whisperer_1
    Hey. This was a Quick Coded plugin i made for my server but i decided it was funny enough i should just add it to spigot and let others use it too. it is a 1 command working plugin. what it does is when someone does /drinkbleach, it will kill them and add a message with it. There currently is no config to change the message with but there will be in the soon future when i update the plugin.

    Current Permissions:

    Upcoming Updates will Add:
    • A Config
    • The ability to do /Drinkbleach {player}
    • The Ability to have it broadcast to the whole server when someone does /Drinkbleach
    • And Even more Awesome And Funny Features