Solujin Spleef Plugin 1.1

Its the easiest spleef plugin of the complete world.

  1. Solujin

    The plugin has been programmed by our member DevCode!

    What's Spleef?
    Spleef is a fairly well-known game mode in the Minecraft world.
    It comes with a shovel the snow under the opponents break down to kill him, and to win the game at the end.
    The Map will reset after every Game, and the players will be kicked.
    You have to first in the MYSQL database SpleefAPI enter correctly, otherwise it does not work plugin
    It only works with Spigot!


    These commands are only for admins:
    /set spec | to set the spectaters spawn
    /set lobby | to set the lobbys spawn
    /build | We recommend that this command commands graphic reasons not to use

    These commands are only for youtubers:

    These commands are only for players:
    /stats | For this feature you need the SpleefAPI


    These rights should have only administrators:
    - spleef.admin
    - | We recommend these rights not to use because it could lead to reset errors.

    These rights must have all the youtubers:
    - spleef.start

    These rights must have all the players:

    The players needn't have any Permissions.

    Video Tutorials
    if you have made a tutorial, write us a link as a comment.

    Error, you can log on by us specially prepared page!

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