Soon - A simple webpage ! 1.2.4

It's a simple temporary web page to inform your community about the construiction of your site

  1. Fontawesome 5.2

  2. DL Button on spigotmc is broken

  3. Return back about the host

    Return back about the new host
  4. New storage server for the resource.

    New storage server for the resource due to a partnership.
    If the download button doesn't work, please click here
  5. Discord and more icons

    This update fixes the icon problem with discord and adds new icons

    Update info :
    Added buttons : Github, Kickstarter, Linkedin, Spotify, Wordpress
    [~] Updating the discord button, there is no need to put a specific code.
    [~] Update of the FontAwesome library (5.0.8 -> 5.0.10).

    You can find the documentation of this resource with this address:...
  6. Update 1.2.1 - Font Awesome 5.0

  7. Update 1.2 - Fix and Video background

    This update contains bugfix and the main addition of the video in the background.

    Update info :
    [+] Added an area to put your logo on the page.
    [+] Add a countdown to indicate when your server or website opens.
    [+] Adding the video in the background. Only videos from youtube are supported at this time.
    [~] Fixed bug with the social network buttons.

    You can...
  8. Update 1.1 - "Social media"

    Added functionality making your page link better rendered on social networks.
    Update info :
    [+] Soon - A simple webpage now has Open Graph and Twitter Card to integrate into all web pages of the resource.