Soul Bound Enchantment 1.0

An enchantment plugin that helps the distress of death.

  1. Soul327
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Ever grow tire of collected items because you died in the void? Well no more! With the new Soul Bound enchantment you tools are tied to you! If you die the tools will respawn with you.

    How do I get these tools?
    Simply kill Shulkers for the chance to receive a Soul Bounded item.​
    What items are available will Soul Bound?
    Diamond Armor, Tools, Sword
    Iron Armor, Tools, Sword
    Fishing Rod
    What is the chance of a Shulker dropping an enchanted item?
    Why choose Shulkers to drop the enchantment?
    I wanted a way that you could acquire the enchantment in game with no command, just simple kill a Shulker for a chance to receive a tool, armor or weapon with the Soul Bound enchantment. Can't go giving it away now.​