Soulbinder 1.3

Soul-bind plugin

  1. Schottky
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Languages Supported:

    Main Features

    - Soul-bind (command /soulbind)
    soul-binds an Item to the player that is currently holding it. This will prevent

    • The Item from dropping (this can cause bugs in creative-mode causing the item to disappear)
    • The item from moving to another inventory
    • The item from dropping on death
    - Un-soul-bind (command /unsoulbind)
    disables all of the latter

    - soulbind.use.bind - to allow a player to soulbind an item
    - soulbind.use.unbind - to allow a player to remove the stateof soul-boundedness
    - soulbind.other - to enable a player to do the same with other players (use the commands /soulbind <player> or /unsoulbind <player>
    - soulbind.reload - to reload configuration options
    - soulbind.limit.<limit> - to limit the amount of soulbound items a player can have


    Binding an item to your soul may be expensive. A price can be defined in the config:
    Code (YAML):
    # The locale that all messages will be translated to. Natively supported locales are
    # en-us and de
    # If you wish to have another locale that is not natively supported,
    # place a file of format '<localetag>.lang' inside your plugin-folder
    # and specify the locale-tag here.
    # The file needs to be in valid '.lang'-format
    : en-us
    # the amount that will be reduced from a player if he binds an item
    # 0 means that nothing will be taken from the player
    # Costs are of the form <amount> <identifier>
    # where <identifier> is a valid identifier, like 'level', 'lvl',
    # 'exp', 'coins', 'money', e.t.c
    : 5 lvl
    # the amount that it will cost to unbind the item. A negative amount
    # is allowed and indicates that something should be returned
    : 0 lvl
    This default config will be generated if none is present.
    All in-game texts can be localized. This is the default lang-file:
    Code (Text):
      "identifier.soulbound": "&5Soulbound to {player}",
      "message.too_many_arguments": "&cToo many arguments",
      "message.player_not_found": "&cPlayer {name} &ccould not be found",
      "message.no_item": "&cPlease choose an item",
      "message.wrong_item": "&cPlease choose a bindable item (must be stackable to a maximum of 1)",
      "message.limit_reached": "&cPlayer already holds the maximum amount of items",
      "message.already_soulbound": "&cItem is already soulbound",
      "message.soulbound_given": "&aYou soulbounded {player}&a's item",
      "message.soulbound_removed": "&aThe soulbound has been removed for player {player}&a's hand-held item",
      "message.not_soulbound": "&aThe item in {player}&a's hand is not soulbound",
      "message.too_expensive": "&cToo expensive",
      "message.reload_complete": "&aReload complete!",
      "message.permission_denied": "&cYou do not have permission"
    If you wish to customize any text, simply put the file <your_locale>.lang into the plugin-folder and change the config's locale-option to <your_locale>