Soulbound Items 1.83

A plugin that turns items Soulbound (Un-droppable).

  1. BillForty
    Soulbound Items

    What is it? :
    Its a simple plugin with 1 command.
    It turns any item into a Soulbound item, which means that
    you cannot drop that item if it has the [Soulbound] tag.

    How does it work? :
    So, you do /soulbound when holding an item, any item and it will turn
    the item "soulbound" which means you cannot drop it.

    There is only 1 permission.
    /soulbound : soulbounditems.use.apply​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Godlikewars
    Version: 1.83
    Great plugin however you should make it configurable message aswell as when you /suicide/die it stays