Soup Legend 1.01

Super simple, but highly customizable soup plugin

  1. LynMaster2000
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Soup Legend
    Soup Legend is a plugin that is super easy to use, yet highly configurable.
    It is very light weight, yet provides everything you need in a soup plugin and more! Perfect for KitPvP and survival!

    Discord: LynMaster2000#7298 for support!

    - /soup to fill your empty inventory slots with soup
    - Right click soup item to consume
    - Configurable soup item, sound, heal amount
    - Disable plugin in certain worlds
    - Disable/enable soup signs
    - Create soup signs for easy soup refill
    - Configure /soup cooldown, disable cooldown, op bypass cooldown
    - Configurable messages


    souplegend.admin - Permission to /sl reload.
    souplegend.* - Permission to every soup legend command.
    souplegend.consume - Permission to consume soup.
    souplegend.soup - Permission to /soup comand.
    souplegend.bypasscooldown - Bypass /soup command cooldown. - Permission to /sl to see a list of commands.
    souplegend.sign.use - Permission to use soup signs.
    souplegend.sign.create - Permission to create soup signs.

    This is my first plugin project. All feedback is appreciated :)




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