SoupSign 2015-11-08

Get soups from a sign instead of having to do stuff like /refill

  1. awaitingcomplex
    WORKS FOR 1.7 & 1.8!

    SoupSigns is an easy version of essentials or infchests for soup servers. It was designed and coded by AwaitingComplex and is an ongoing free to download project. The "SoupSign" plugin is very easy to use, you simply type "soup" (for 27 soups) or "soups" (for 54 soups) and then your color. Heres some examples: "soup1" <= This gives a blue looking sign which opens an inventory of 27 soups. After clicking the sign you have 5 second cooldown!

    • soupsign, gives the player permission to create the signs.
    •, gives the player permission to open the 27 slot soup sign (Set to all by default)
    • soup.mvp, give the player permission to open the 54 slot soup sign (Set to OP by default)

    • # Soup Config by AwaitingComplex
    • soup-heal: true
    • heal-amount: 7
    • soup-feed: true
    • feed-amount: 7

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Planned Features
    Im planning on updating this plugin anytime soon so it can include:
    • -Permissions ✔
    • -2 types of inventories, the basic one (27 soups) & the ultra one (54 soups) ✔
    • -Cooldown ✔
    • -Cooldown with time counter (Send you the ammount of time left until you can use it when clicked) ✔
    • -More customizability, meaning you can choose other colors than red as the header.
    • -Custom text in the sign, instead of having the blue one, you can use maybe red or even pink ✔

    • Added a 54 soup sign, just type "soups" and then the color code without &.
    • Added cooldown (With counting, tells you how many seconds left)
    • Added permissions (soupsign,, soup.mvp)
    • Added Custom texts, type soup or soups and then the color code like: "soups1"
    • Added fancy texts like souprainbow, soupblack, soupred, soupblue & soupgreen (same goes for "soups"). HOWEVER this does not work on some servers, I've seen it working on some while it fails on others.

    People who helped during the process

    You do not have permission to decompile this plugin, if you wanna learn how I did it or learn how to code similar, send me PM.

    Color Codes

Recent Reviews

  1. Benjiram
    Version: 2015-11-08
    It didn't work for me at all. I typed in "soup" like the video said and it didn't do anything. I even tried doing "soups" and it did nothing. Fix your plugin.