Space Shop 1.0

Sell chest space to your players.

  1. mrpetfreak27

    With this plugin you can sell chests to players. The bought chest is protected to the player. It's a little bit like LWC. But your users need to pay for the protection. You can even use it for a prison server. Every user wants one or more protected chests for their items at the beginning.
    If the player buys the chest, the player who created the shop gets the money.

    All messages of the plugin are configurable in the top of the file you have downloaded.

    1. You need to install Skript and restart your server
    2. Download and extract the zip archive.
    3. Put the into /plugins/skript/scripts
    4. Go ingame and type /skript reload spaceshop

    To turn a chest into to a space shop, you need to put a sign in front of the chest. On the sign you only need to write two things on it:

    Line 1: [Space]
    Line 4: Price

    And after that, your sign will turn into a space shop. Which looks like that:

    Now, the player who wants the chest can rightclick it and then it's his chest. That's all.

    spaceshop.create - For creating space shops. - For buying space shops.
    spaceshop.destroy - For destroying space shops. (They are undestroyable for players without this permission)

    Have fun with the plugin. If there are bugs, please don't give a negative rating. Just post the bugs or problems you have in the discussion forum.

    If you like me or my plugins, you can make a small donation.
    If you donate, i will write your username and your server ip in the resource.