Space Wars 1.6.0

A game mode involving elytras and guns

  1. The Quests update!

    - Added the quests, they're still in beta so I only added a few of them. In the future they will reward players with money or unlocking special kits
    - Added now the plugin attemps to add the new columns in order to avoid dropping user data. If it fails to automatically update a notification is sent to the console...
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  2. The join signs update!

    - Added the join signs: you have to write a sign (wherever you want, both wall sign and standing sign) with this format: the first line must contains "[spacewars]" (case insensitive), the second line the arena's name (case sensitive). Note that in case of wall sign the block behind will be changed according to the current arena status (waiting for players, starting...). Status names may be changed with the configuration.
    Writing sign:...
  3. The homing missiles update!

    - Actually two updates in one, I just didn't upload the 1.3.0, so here's described it too
    - Added two new kits: Tank and Destroyer!
    - Added homing missiles! They have limited fuel and need to accelerate before reaching full speed. They target the nearest enemy the player had near him in a radius
    - Improved the registration of kits, predicting a future SpaceWars API to allow other developers to add kits and more
    - Added the commands "/sw stats <player>" and "/sw kitstats" (note that data get...
  4. New kit - Defender!

    - Added a new kit: the Defender!
    - updated the killstreaks and bounties mechanics
    - fixed bugs preventing stats to be saved in the db
    - fixed some weird configuration which had wrong names leading to more kits getting the same stats of others
    - Fixed a rare bug occurring while creating fake explosions
  5. The powerups update

    - Now powerups are defined as circles in the sky in which players must fly throught to get them, receiving a speed buff too
    - A lot of bug fixed: villagers shops now spawn and despawn correctly; now if players destroy an obsidian pillar or the nexus get the right reward; now if the server shuts down while there are arenas currently in game the players get correctly reset (effects, max life and so on)
    - Added two new voices to the db-config.txt file to configure the tables names: you should...
  6. Improved performance

    - Improved performance (removed iterators and cached players to avoid useless iterations over lists)
    - Fixed a bug preventing the shops from spawning correctly
  7. Bug fixes

    Bug fixes
  8. Fixed Sniper class's gun damage

    - Bug fixed
  9. Added colored glowing effect

    What's new

    - Now when a team lose its nexus the team's members will be marked with a permanent effect of glowing (with the color of their team)
    - Some bugs have been fixed
  10. Bug fixes

    What's new
    • Fixed a bug with items' age that prevented powerups from spawning correctly