SpaceSellWands | Essentials worth | ShopGuiPlus Support | Multipliers | Uses per wand 0.12.9

This plugin allows players too sell entire chests with a simple click!

  1. Small fix with checking whether its a sellwand or not.

    • Fixed a lore check issue that stopped sellwands from working.

    You will not need to regen your config for this update, if you're having issues with sellwands not working please private message me and I'll get it fixed asap! If your plugin is broken please check to make sure there aren't any config lines missing!

    Thanks for using my plugin! I hope you're all having a great day! If you like the update, leave a review! I'll try to improve this plugin as much as possible and good reviews only cheer me on :D. If your server uses this plugin and would like to show up under the "Servers using this plugin" area pm me
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