SpaceSellWands | Essentials worth | ShopGuiPlus Support | Multipliers | Uses per wand 0.12.9

This plugin allows players too sell entire chests with a simple click!

  1. Added some claiming support.

    I had a person message me asking for support for a few claiming plugins, now while its impossible for me to add support for EVERY claiming plugin out there, I've added some functionality to support a few plugins!

    I hope you enjoy and if you like the update shoot me a review!
    ~ Thanks, Joey
  2. I don't mean for the double update, however this fixes a reload bug.

    fixes a reload shopguiplus bug, this has been fixed.
  3. Added some optimization and a reload fix

    Now have the option to mute price reload notifications.

    This is an update for 1.13 users that may run into issues with the plugin.yml being API version 1.14

    Thanks for downloading and have a wonderful day.

    If you didn't read prior to uploading the "update" you can get other versions from the version history tab at the top of the resource.
  5. Bug Fixes... All of them!

    This update fixes a few major bugs and some minor ones (not super relevant)
    • This update fixes the issue with 1.14 and some 1.13 Materials and allows you to sell them now without a problem.
    • The update also fixes the mismatch of prices with what you actually get. Now when you secure the bag the price displayed in the breakdown is actually correct.
    That's all the major bug fixes, Thanks for supporting the plugin and be sure to leave a positive rating if you like the update!
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  6. Fixes an error with older versions on ShopGUIPlus...

    I always recommend staying up to date with your plugins but some people are stuck in their ways. This removes a catch method that was added recently in the newer versions on ShopGUIPlus. This shouldn't impact performance or anything of the sort just allows better backward compatibility.
  7. Another bug fix :P

    Thanks for downloading the plugin!
  8. This update fixes a bug with 1.8 <

    • fixes deprecated methods accessed, that occurred in the interaction event, sorry about that!
    Thank you for downloading the plugin, have a great day!
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  9. Small ShopGuiPlus update incorporation

    -Fixed a ShopGui thing
  10. Now supports 1.14.3

    - This removes support for number based items, you now need to use the enums that Spigot provides.
    - Fixes the /sellwands reload

    This plugin is now native to 1.14, however, will support back to 1.7.9!
    As always thanks for the support!
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