SpaceWarning 1.0

Warns you about low disk space

  1. johnnywoof
    This plugin will allow you to check and monitor your hard drive space, to attempt and try to prevent the No space left on device exception, wiping your data on the hard drive. Not only you can view your disk space, but you can also view other information about the node. When the disk space becomes low, you can shutdown the server automatically or warn online staff members.

    /spacewarning - Views system information. Permission: spacewarning.check

    /spacewarning silent - Makes the user not see any alerts. Permission: spacewarning.silent

    /spacewarning reload - Reloads the configuration. Permission: spacewarning.reload

    Keep in mind that all of these commands work in the console and in-game!


    spacewarning.notify - Allows the player to see alerts in-game.

    Here is an example of a config file,
    Code (Text):

    #If the remaining space on the drive is less than or equal to this number in megabytes, the warning will fire.
    space-left: 1024

    #Shut down the server when triggered?
    shutdown: false

    #Send a message to everyone with the spacewarning.notify permission about the remaining space?
    warn-players: true

    #How many seconds between each check to check the drive space
    check-interval: 60
    Source code is available on the github.

    Motivated and made this plugin because of this thread.

Recent Reviews

  1. Dacon
    Version: 1.0
    Doesn't work at all as described, does nothing when disk is near-full or full

    Using latest version of the plugin and MC
  2. Pixiio
    Version: 1.0
    This is amazing, thanks!
    1. johnnywoof