Spamkiller 1.0.3

An anti-spam plugin for Spigot

  1. Kuraky
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    PLUGIN UNDER RECODE don't download pls <3

    Checks for different spam-like behaviours and attempts to limit them by blocking messages or muting spamming players,
    helping you mantain a clean chat.

    Currently checks for:
    • Spambots (similar message delay)
    • Message similarity
    • Repeated characters in a message
    • Caps lock
    • Unnaturally high typing speed
    • Sending lots of messages quickly
    • Group spam
    • Non-ASCII characters (disabled by default to prevent issues with some alphabets)
    • Unnaturally long words (disabled by default to prevent issues with some languages)

    There is a config file that allows you to easily modify nearly every aspect of the plugin. The plugin also has it's own log system, that saves information about players being muted and messages blocked.

    • /spamkiller reload - Reloads the config file
    • /spamkiller set <nickname> <time> - Sets mute time for a specific player

    Both commands have an alias "/sk" that can be used instead of "/spamkiller"

    • spamkiller.notify - Allows you to see mute notifications
    • spamkiller.exempt - Makes the plugin ignore you, happy spamming
    • spamkiller.reload - Allows you to reload the config file
    • spamkiller.set - Allows you to use the set command

Recent Reviews

  1. Kerel
    Version: 1.0.1
    Very good plugin. I'm using it on a survival server +60 players online.
    This plugin will make your chat better. I'm waiting for more plugins from this author :)