Sparkle Bow! 1.0

A fun addon to minecraft, why? I dont know! its fun so why not?

  1. xXDevastationXx
    How did this Wonderful plugin come to existence?
    I was just thinking, "Bows are kinda boring... THEY SHOULD BE EXPLOSIVE AND SPARKLEY!" and BOOM! sparkle-bow was born :p
    So, What is it?
    sparkle-Bow is a plugin that turns all bows into awesome bows! What is so awesome about it? well, When you fire a bow after installing sparkle-bow, the arrows get white sparkles around it AND they explode on impact! Now, I don't want this to be a greifing tool, So the explosion isn't "Nuclear", but it sure does explode!
    Bow explodes on impact
    White firework sparkles around the arrow
    •I am not responsible for the destruction of anything :3
    •It would be cool to have someone make a mini-game that uses this! (if you do, make a conversation with me, I wanna see! :p)
    •Because I don't want people to be sad, I recommend Downloading a Bukkit plugin that protects area from explosions etc. (worldguard is my favorite)
    screenshots! (Thanks @teh_jombi for reminding me <3)
    ^^^^this is the sparkle that comes from the bow! (note that the sparkles wore off by the time I hit F2)
    ^^^^^The crater after the arrow hits the ground, I recommend using WorldGuard if you want to use this plugin in public servers

    Soon to be Updates:
    Multiple new particle bows; blood bow, Lightning bow, etc.
    -A networked "Random plugin" connected with commands.
    -And watch out, there are some hidden easter egg stuff in my plugins...
    I hope for this to be a growing project, maybe some more cool item additions, so give some ideas! This is my first Distributed plugin, so be nice :)
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  1. KlavirMusik
    Version: 1.0
    Nice ^^ I hope you update it ;D