Spawn 1.0

Check out this plugin, if you are tired of the essentials "Spawn set for group blabla",

  1. IceAssasinX
    Hey guys, recently i have been in a weird mood where i'm always trying to set spawns for groups, but it takes so long just to write: "/setspawn (rank)" for the lazy people, so what i have provided here, is a completely different plugin!

    With an exception: Spawn, does not actually need any rank confirmation, one spawn is one spawn. And that's it.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Commands!

    This plugin has well, you thought two? Three, the first one, is /spawn: Second is: /setspawn. and third is: /helpspawn.(added for some random reason lol.)

Recent Reviews

  1. xexsync
    Version: 1.0
    You can just do /setspawn in essentials and it sets it for all ranks by default.. So this is kinda pointless
    1. IceAssasinX
      Author's Response
      Not if you are using groupmanager.
  2. crafterjuli
    Version: 1.0
    Good. but please use Yaw and Pitch, its useless for some people
    1. IceAssasinX
      Author's Response
      As i said, this is just a simple two minute made spawn point plugin. I just did this for fun, and anyone can decompile and change it if they want to. This is just a plugin made for the lolz. And as i said, i am lazy to do /setspawn ( rank) :P