Spawn+ 1.0

A better version for pvp servers then Essentials spawn

  1. Chemmic

    What can it do?
    Spawn+ allows your user to teleport to the "spawn".

    Any special features?
    If the player typed /spawn and if another entity / player is nearby it will say:
    "Somebody is nearby stay still for 10 seconds!" after 10 seconds you will get teleported to the spawn.
    If nobody is nearby you will instandly get teleported to the spawn.

    /setspawn - set the spawnpoint for all players.
    /spawn - teleport you to the spawnpoint.

    Note: This plugin was made for a pvp server called, but the Owner don't want it anymore so feel free to use it / decompile it.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Elijah
    Version: 1.0
    Really great plugin! I really am greatful for this plugin, but any chance when they die or first join the server can you make it to where they end up at spawn?