Spawner Collectors | No spawner lag | MySQL 1.7.4

Store your spawners in a simple "cloud GUI" and withdraw and sell you collected mobs!

  1. Bestem0r
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:

    Store all your mob spawners in a
    simple GUI, and let them produce the
    mobs for you!

    Spawner Collectors are asynchronous,
    meaning no lag!

    Need help? Join me on Discord!


    Current features:
    • Highly configurable
    • Async = no lag
    • MySQL support
    • Enable minable spawners using silk touch
    • Spawners will only be enabled when the owner is online!
    • Set spawner limits
    • Give spawners directly to the player's collector with a single command
    • Optional custom loot tables per mob
    • Per player storage for spawners and mobs
    • Spawners will replicate vanilla spawning mechanics
    • Store unlimited spawners and mobs
    • Sell and withdraw collected mobs
    • Quick-sell all collected mobs
    • Enable auto-sell and get revenue notifications
    • HeadDatabase support
    • MineableSpawners support
    • Log actions to prevent cheating
    Upcoming features:
    • Want something added to this list? Join my Discord server!

    Spawner storage
    screenshot 2.png

    Mob storage
    screenshot 3.png

    Code (Text):
    /sc spawners #Permission: spawnercollectors.command.spawners
    /sc mobs #Permission: spawnercollectors.command.mobs
    /sc givespawner <player> <gui/hand> <entity> [amount] #Permission: spawnercollectors.command.givespawner
    /sc reload #Permission: spawnercollectors.command.reload

    Other permissions:
    spawnercollectors.bypass_limit #Bypass the spawner limit
    Default config:
    Code (Text):

    #------------------- General Settings -------------------#

    #Plugin messages prefix
    prefix: "&8[&eSpawners&8]"
    #How often should the plugin check if new virtual mobs should spawn? (Seconds)
    spawn_interval: 1
    #How often should the players receive a "earned by auto-sell notification"? (Minutes)
    notify_interval: 1
    #Currency symbol
    currency: '$'
    #Should the currency symbol be placed before the price?
    currency_before: false
    #Drop spawner item when spawner is broken with silktouch
    enable_silktouch: true
    #Item name for withdrawn spawners (Placeholder: %entity%)
    spawner_withdraw_name: "&r%entity% Spawner"
    #Maximum allowed spawner amount per entity type (0 for unlimited)
    #Can be bypassed with 'spawnercollectors.bypass_limit'
    max_spawners: 0
    #Should an action log be saved on plugin/server reload?
    log: true
    #Require permissions for sell, withdraw, auto-sell
    #These permissions are:
    # - spawnercollectors.sell,
    # - spawnercollectors.auto_sell,
    # - spawnercollectors.withdraw.mob
    # - spawnercollectors.withdraw.spawner
    #Enabling this also requires permissions to add each mob
    #E.g. adding zombie spawners requires:
    # - spawnercollectors.spawner.zombie
    #You can also set max amount per mob, e.g:
    # - spawnercollectors.spawner.zombie.10
    more_permissions: false
    #Should experience (XP) be given when mobs are withdrawn?
    #This also requires the player to have permission node:
    give_xp: true
    #This will disable placing spawners on the ground. Can be
    #bypassed with 'spawnercollectors.bypass_place'
    disable_spawner_placing: false
    #Cancel overflowing items instead of dropping them on the ground
    cancel_overflowing_items: true
    #Maximum amount of mobs of a certain type the collector
    #should be able to hold. Use 0 to disable
    max_mobs: 1000
    #Cooldown in milliseconds between mob withdrawals
    withdraw_cooldown: 500
    #Enable this to turn off collectors for AFK players
      enable: true
      time: 300 #Seconds

    #---------------- Data Storage Settings ----------------#

    #Can be YAML or MYSQL
    data_storage_method: YAML
    #Following attributes apply if you're using MySQL only
    address: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: spawnercollectors
    user: root
    password: password123

    #---------------- Spawner Settings ----------------#

    #(Default config replicates vanilla behaviour)
      #How many mobs are spawned for every spawn
      spawns: 4
      min_time: 10 #Second
      max_time: 40 #Second

    #----------------- Messages and sounds -----------------#

      earned_notify: "&7Earned &a%worth% &7the past &e%time% minutes &7from auto selling spawners!" #Placeholders: %worth%, %time%
      sell: "&7Sold mobs for &a%worth%&7!" #Placeholders: %worth%
      sell_all: "&7Sold everything for a total of &a%worth%&7!"
      not_supported: "&cThis entity type is not supported! Please contact an administrator to add it!"
      plugin_reloaded: "&aPlugin reloaded!"
      give_spawner: "&aSpawners successfully given!"
      reached_max_spawners: "&cYou have reached the max limit of %max% for this mob type! Please try again with a lower amount!"
      invalid_command_usage: "&cInvalid usage! Use /sc help"
      no_permission_command: "&cYou do not have permission for this action!"
      no_permission_mob: "&cYou do not have permission to add this mob!"
      no_permission_sell: "&cYou do not have permission to sell mobs!"
      no_permission_withdraw_spawner: "&cYou do not have permission to withdraw spawners!"
      no_permission_withdraw_mob: "&cYou do not have permission to withdraw mobs!"
      no_permission_auto-sell: "&cYou do not have permission to auto-sell!"
      no_permission_place_spawner: "&cYou do not have permissions to place spawners!"
      afk: "&cYou are now AFK. Collectors are turned off!"
      no_longer_afk: "&aYou are no longer AFK. Collectors working normally"
      withdraw_too_fast: "&cYou are withdrawing too fast!"
      inventory_full: "&cYour inventory is full!"

      spawners_open: BLOCK_CHEST_OPEN
      mobs_open: BLOCK_CHEST_OPEN
      add_spawner: ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP
      withdraw: ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP
      toggle_auto_sell: UI_BUTTON_CLICK

    #-------------------- Menu settings --------------------#
      #Add/withdraw spawners menu
        #GUI title
        title: "&8Add / withdraw spawners"
        item_lore: #Placeholders: %amount%
          - "&7Amount: &c%amount%"
          - ""
          - "&7>> Left click to &awithdraw"

      #Sell/withdraw mobs menu
        #GUI title
        title: "&8Collected mobs"
        item_lore: #Placeholders: %amount%
          - "&7Amount: &c%amount%"
          - "&7Worth: &a%worth%"
          - ""
          - "&7>> Left click to &aSell"
          - "&7>> Right click to &eWithdraw"

      #Items used in menus
          material: LIME_TERRACOTTA
          name: "&aAuto-sell enabled"
            - "&7>> Click to &cdisable"
            - "&7auto-sell for mobs collected!"
          material: RED_TERRACOTTA
          name: "&cAuto-sell disabled"
            - "&7>> Click to &aenable"
            - "&7auto-sell for mobs collected!"
          material: GRAY_STAINED_GLASS_PANE
          name: ""
            - ""
          material: SKELETON_SPAWN_EGG
          name: "&eSwitch to mobs"
            - "&7>> Click to switch"
            - "&7to mob view!"
          material: SPAWNER
          name: "&eSwitch to spawners"
            - "&7>> Click to switch"
            - "&7to spawners view!"
          material: GOLD_INGOT
          name: "&aSell all"
            - "&7Total worth: &a%worth%"
            - ""
            - "&7>> Click to &asell &7all"
            - "&7collected mobs!"

    #--------------------- Mob prices ---------------------#

    #Per mob worth. Remember to also set a material for each mob!
      SKELETON: 50
      ZOMBIE: 10

    #--------------------- Mob materials ---------------------#

    #Enable HeadDatabase hook
    use_headdb: false
    #If you want to use HeadDatabase IDs instead of vanilla
    #materials, enable HeadDB above and place 'hdb:' in front
    #of the id! E.g. hdb:10000

    #------------------- Custom loot tables -------------------#

      #If you want to use custom loot tables, set this to true
      enable: false
      #List all mobs which should use custom loot tables. If a
      #mob is not listed, it will default to it's vanilla table
        #EntityType of mob
            #Probability of receiving this item
            probability: 1.0
            #Minimum amount
            min: 1
            #Maximum amount
            max: 4

            probability: 0.8
            min: 3
            max: 6

    #Enabled if custom_loot_tables is enabled
        SKELETON: 10


    Servers using SpawnerCollectors:
    > <
    > <

    Note: This plugin is still very new. If you experience
    any issues, please join me on Discord and
    I'll fix the problem for you as fast as possible!

    Enjoy the plugin? Please leave a review!


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