SpawnerDisabler 1.0

Disable Spawner from spawning and placing!

  1. PlanetBrunei
    This plugins will stop mob spawning from spawners in certain worlds.
    It will also stop players from placing down the spawners (if the worlds is listed in and if its enabled).Completely lightweight plugins!

    /sd - Reload the config.yml

    spawnerdisabler.reload - for reloading the config.yml

    Default config.yml:
    Code (Text):
    # Plugins made by: DoomGary.
    # /*
    # * Copyright © PlanetBn. All Rights Reserved.
    # * Please do not edit this plugins without any permissions!
    # */
    # All info can be found @
    # Reload after adding the map /ds
    Place-Msg: "&cYou are not allowed to place Mob Spawner in this world!"
    Place-Enable: true
        - world
    Tested with: