SpawnerGUI 2015-12-24

SpawnerGUI Is A GUIShop Selling Only Spawners

  1. Tradeful
    SpawnersGUI Is A Spawner Shop. Pulling Up A GUI WIth Each Spawner Type In The GUI With A Price Under It. The Prices Are 100% Configurable and Its A Good Plugins For Your Factions Server! Hope You Enjoy :D

    Its 100% Configurable You Can Config the Prices And Spawner Names/Colors
    • Note: You Need Vault
    • Note: SilkSpawners Is Suggested To Use With This Plugin

Recent Reviews

  1. Billybobplaysmc
    Version: 2015-12-24
    I love this plugin. Great GUI For my server :) i have been using this plugin for a week and all my players love it