SpawnerMeta (Upgrade and customize spawners) 8.3

Allow players to upgrade their spawners

  1. Rell
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Plugin Description:

    Warning! Upgrading server from 1.13.* to a newer version will not save any spawner data, all upgrades and stack amount will be lost, however, upgrading from 1.14.* to a newer will not impact spawner data!
    Note! Please, post suggestions, bugs or errors in discussion, not in review!

    This plugin implements upgradeable and customizable spawners in your server. To upgrade a spawner players have to right click on it. Upgrades cost experience, materials or money. For every upgrade level the cost will be increased by cost increase. Players can change the spawner type with a spawn egg and stack spawners. SpawnerMeta also implements spawner breaking with silk touch enchantment, that can be toggled on and off.

    Server operators can customize:

    ➤ cost and cost increase, for each entity;
    ➤ currency type (Experience, Materials, Economy);
    ➤ cost for spawner placing, breaking, stacking and egg usage;
    ➤ spawner GUI layout;
    ➤ upgrading levels;
    ➤ permission to upgrade specific spawner types;
    ➤ spawner breaking;
    ➤ dropping chance;
    ➤ silk touch requirement;
    ➤ silk touch level requirement;
    ➤ spawner values (range, delay, amount);
    ➤ spawner stacking;
    ➤ spawner chunk limits;
    ➤ egg usage on spawners;
    ➤ language for all messages.

    Spawner Upgrades:

    Required player range
    Spawning delay
    Entity amount


    /spawners - to view all spawners and their stats (command available for all players)

    Use /spawnermeta or /sm to view possible operations;

    /sm update - to update the plugin without restarting the server;
    /sm lang - to update the language file;
    /sm info - to view information about configuration values;

    /sm get [entity] [amount] [player] - to give spawner(s) to other players (to give a spawner to yourself you do not need to enter the player argument);
    /sm edit - to configure spawer GUI:
    ..../sm edit open - to open spawner GUI editor;
    /sm edit reset - to reset spawner GUI to default.

    /sm cost - to configure cost:
    /sm cost set [entity] [cost] - to set a cost for specific entity;
    /sm cost remove [entity] - to remove a cost from specific entity (cost will be default);
    ..../sm cost type [experience/material/economy] - to set the cost type;
    /sm cost place [toggle/amount] - to toggle spawner placing cost and set cost amount;
    /sm cost break [toggle/amount] - to toggle spawner breaking cost and set cost amount;
    /sm cost stacking [toggle/amount] - to toggle spawner stacking cost and set cost amount;
    /sm cost eggs [toggle/amount] - to toggle egg usage cost and set cost amount (spawner type changing with spawn eggs);
    /sm increase - to configure cost increase:
    /sm increase set [entity] [increase] - to set a cost increase for
    specific entity;
    /sm increase remove [entity] - to remove a cost increase from specific entity (cost increase will be default).
    /sm breaking - to configure spawner breaking:
    /sm breaking toggle [true/false] - to toggle spawner breaking (dropping);
    /sm breaking chance [chance] - to set specific chance;
    /sm breaking silk toggle [true/false] - to toggle the requirement of silk touch to break spawners;
    ..../sm breaking silk level [level] - to set the required silk touch level.
    /sm spawning - to configure spawner spawning:
    /sm spawning set [range/delay/amount] [value] - to set default spawner values;
    /sm spawning increase [range/delay/amount] [value] - to set default spawner increase values.
    /sm eggs [true/false] - to toggle spawner type changing with spawn eggs.
    /sm levels - to configure maximum upgrade levels:
    /sm levels [entity] [range/delay/amount] [level] - to set range, delay and amount maximum level for specific entity.
    /sm stacking - to configure spawner stacking:
    /sm stacking toggle [true/false] - to toggle spawner stacking limit;
    /sm stacking limit [limit] - to set spawner stacking limit.
    /sm chunk - to configure spawner chunk settings:
    /sm chunk toggle [true/false] - to toggle spawner limit in a chunk;
    /sm chunk limit [limit] - to set spawner limit in a chunk.
    /sm disable [true/false] - to toggle spawner spawning.
    /sm upgrades [entity] [range/delay/amount] [true/false] - to configure permission to upgrade specific entity.
    /sm view - to configure spawner viewing inventory:
    /sm view toggle [true/false] - to enable or disable spawner viewing inventory;
    /sm view allow [entity] - to allow its spawner to be shown in spawner viewing inventory;
    /sm view deny [entity] - to deny its spawner to be shown in spawner viewing inventory;
    /sm view reset - to reset spawner viewing inventory to default.

    Default Values:

    ▸ Cost: 100
    ▸ Cost Type: Experience
    ▸ Cost Material: Gold Ingot (Only if cost type is Material)
    ▸ Cost Increase: 75%
    ▸ Spawner Breaking: True
    ▸ Breaking Chance: 100%
    ▸ Spawner Breaking Cost Toggle: False
    ▸ Spawner Breaking Cost Amount: 500
    ▸ Spawner Placing Cost Toggle: False
    ▸ Spawner Placing Cost Amount: 500

    ▸ Silk Touch Requirement: True
    ▸ Silk Touch Level: 1
    ▸ Maximum Range Level: 5
    ▸ Maximum Delay Level: 5
    ▸ Maximum Amount Level: 5
    ▸ Spawning Range: 16 Blocks
    ▸ Spawning Delay: 500 Ticks
    ▸ Spawning Amount: 4 Entities
    ▸ Spawning Range Increase: 4 Blocks
    ▸ Spawning Delay Increase: -75 Ticks
    ▸ Spawning Amount Increase: 1 Entity
    ▸ Stacking Toggle: False (Unlimited stacking)
    ▸ Stacking Limit: 64 Spawners
    ▸ Stacking Cost Toggle: False
    ▸ Stacking Cost Amount: 250

    ▸ Eggs Usage: True
    ▸ Egg Usage Cost Toggle: False
    ▸ Egg Usage Cost Amount: 500

    ▸ Chunk Toggle: False (Unlimited spawners in a chunk)
    ▸ Chunk Limit: 64 Spawners

    Permissions: - Allow players to use command /sm
    spawnermeta.spawners - Allow players to use command /spawners
    spawnermeta.eggs - Allow players to change spawner type with an egg
    spawnermeta.stacking - Allow players to stack spawners - Allow players to place spawners
    spawnermeta.break - Allow players to break spawners - Allow players to open spawner upgrades - Allow players to buy spawner upgrades

    Spawner Types:

    ▸ Armor Stand (ARMOR_STAND) (Operators only)
    ▸ Bat (BAT)
    ▸ Bee (BEE) (1.15+)
    ▸ Blaze (BLAZE)
    ▸ Boat (BOAT) (Operators only)
    ▸ Cat (CAT) (1.14+)
    ▸ Cave Spider (CAVE_SPIDER)
    ▸ Chicken (CHIKEN)
    ▸ Cod (COD)
    ▸ Cow (COW)
    ▸ Creeper (CREEPER)
    ▸ Dolphin (DOLPHIN)
    ▸ Donkey (DONKEY)
    ▸ Drowned (DROWNED)
    ▸ Elder Guardian (ELDER_GUARDIAN)
    ▸ Enderman (ENDERMAN)
    ▸ Endermite (ENDERMITE)
    ▸ Ender Dragon (ENDER_DRAGON)
    ▸ Evoker (EVOKER)
    ▸ Experience Bottle (EXPERIENCE_BOTTLE) (Operators only)
    ▸ Experience Orb (EXPERIENCE_ORB) (Operators only)
    ▸ Fox (FOX) (1.14+)
    ▸ Ghast (GHAST)
    ▸ Giant (GIANT)
    ▸ Guardian (GUARDIAN)
    ▸ Hoglin (HOGLIN) (1.16+)
    ▸ Horse (HORSE)
    ▸ Husk (HUSK)
    ▸ Illusioner (ILLUSIONER)
    ▸ Iron Golem (IRON_GOLEM)
    ▸ Llama (LLAMA)
    ▸ Magma Cube (MAGMA_CUBE)
    ▸ Minecart (MINECART) (Operators only)
    ▸ Minecart with Chest (MINECART_CHEST) (Operators only)
    ▸ Minecart with Command Block (MINECART_COMMAND) (Operators only)
    ▸ Minecart with Furnace (MINECART_FURNACE) (Operators only)
    ▸ Minecart with Hopper (MINECART_HOPPER) (Operators only)
    ▸ Minecart with Spawner (MINECART_SPAWNER) (Operators only)
    ▸ Minecart with TNT (MINECART_TNT) (Operators only)
    ▸ Mule (MULE)
    ▸ Mushroom Cow (MUSHROOM_COW)
    ▸ Ocelot (OCELOT)
    ▸ Panda (PANDA) (1.14+)
    ▸ Parrot (PARROT)
    ▸ Phantom (PHANTOM)
    ▸ Pig (PIG)
    ▸ Piglin (PIGLIN) (1.16+)
    ▸ Pig Zombie (PIG_ZOMBIE) (+1.15)
    ▸ Pillager (PILLAGER)
    ▸ Polar Bear (POLAR_BEAR)
    ▸ Pufferfish (PUFFERFISH)
    ▸ Rabbit (RABBIT)
    ▸ Ravager (RAVAGER) (1.14+)
    ▸ Salmon (SALMON)
    ▸ Sheep (SHEEP)
    ▸ Shulker (SHULKER)
    ▸ Silverfish (SILVERFISH)
    ▸ Skeleton (SKELETON)
    ▸ Skeleton Horse (SKELETON_HORSE)
    ▸ Slime (SLIME)
    ▸ Snowman (SNOWMAN)
    ▸ Spider (SPIDER)
    ▸ Squid (SQUID)
    ▸ Stray (STRAY)
    ▸ Strider (STRIDER) (1.16+)
    ▸ Trader Llama (TRADER_LLAMA) (1.14+)
    ▸ Tropical fish (TROPICAL_FISH)
    ▸ Turtle (TURTLE)
    ▸ Vex (VEX)
    ▸ Villager (VILLAGER)
    ▸ Vindicator (VINDICATOR)
    ▸ Wandering Trader (WANDERING_TRADER) (1.14+)
    ▸ Witch (WITCH)
    ▸ Wither (WITHER)
    ▸ Wither Skeleton (WITHER_SKELETON)
    ▸ Wolf (WOLF)
    ▸ Zoglin (ZOGLIN) (1.16+)
    ▸ Zombie (ZOMBIE)
    ▸ Zombie Horse (ZOMBIE_HORSE)
    ▸ Zombie Villager (ZOMBIE_VILLAGER)
    ▸ Zombified Piglin (ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN) (1.16+)

    Spawner viewing inventory:


    Spawner upgrade inventory:


Recent Updates

  1. Customize silk touch level requirement
  2. Language file and more
  3. Fixed experience upgrade bug!

Recent Reviews

  1. demoncreator
    Version: 8.3
    Amazing plugin! it gives me the option to have upgradable and stackable spawners on my server just as i wanted! plug the developer has quick response time making me enjoy this plugin even more!
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! I try to help anyone as much as I can.
  2. Sambarie
    Version: 8.3
    Amazing the latest version. Best free spawners plugin. Please add mobstack for mobspawners. Wil be great that addom here.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your great review! I have made a mob stacking plugin - MobBundle, and it is compatible with SpawnerMeta for better performance.
  3. D3dBrain
    Version: 8.2
    I'm using this plugin from months, but the only thing I disliked was that there was no lang file and that's the main reason I didn't leave a review. After this update, this is the best (and probably the only) plugin that adds such modifiers to spawners. A great addition to Skyblock, Factions and Economy servers.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the great review! I am glad that you like it. If you have any suggestions feel free to write them in discussions.
  4. Keopsfenks
    Version: 8.2
    First of all thank you for adding the lang.yml file. It is difficult to find a plug-in that is both upgradeable and stackable, and it's free.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review! I'm happy to hear that!
  5. Sifex
    Version: 8.1
    Good plugin, is there any plugin i need to make it work? Only seem to be able to open the upgrade menu when clicking on it and nothing else works...
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  6. Sambarie
    Version: 8.0
    It's a great plugin. But I guess that need be more configurable. A language file, tipe of item to pickup (Like, I would choose a Gold Pickaxe with Silktouch 10), permissions to limit upgrates and to change with specyfic spawner_egg... Any way, its a greatest plugin for spawner.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I will add those features.
  7. D1N60
    Version: 7.0
    Easy to use, thanks! Works on 1.16.1
    Request: Add item spawner, I miss the boat spawners. This could also be used for reward parties.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your positive review! I will do my best to add that feature.
  8. Weymouth87
    Version: 6.0
    This is a fab plugin with great features and the developer seems more than happy to provide support.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review! I appreciate it!
  9. homelyseven250
    Version: 6.0
    Great plugin - it's fast and responsive. I have 2 questions:
    1. Can I change the rate of spawns without upgrades?
    2. Can I use Vault money?
    I know, I'm annoying.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your great review! You can change default spawner spawning delay, mob amount and required player distance without upgrading the spawner. Right now SpawnerMeta doesn't support any economy plugins, but I can add that feature, I just need to know what type of economy plugin are you using. To get more information use Discussion:
  10. homelyseven250
    Version: 5.1
    It would be usful if permission were supported. Otherwise it's really useful and is great that it's free.
    1. Rell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I will add permissions in the next update!