SpawnersPlus 2.6.5

This plugin allows players to: mine, place, give, set and upgrade spawners.

  1. Minecraft 1.12.2

    [Added] Support for 1.12.2.
    [Fixed] Server version detector fixed.
  2. Programming too fast.

    [FIXED] For some people the events did not work, this is now fixed.
    [FIXED] Language file fixed.
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  3. Language update!

    [Added] You can now add your own language via the language.yml file.
    [Fixed] When you spawn a mob on or against a spawner you will not keep the egg.
    [Removed] IP Logger (more info about this bellow).

    Some of the users pointed out that there was an IP logger in the code and this was true. I build in the IP logger to test the bStats features (which be disabled by the...
  4. Harder, better, faster

    [ADDED] Skull database is now configurable.
    [ADDED] Code cleanup.
    [FIXED] Performance boost in player events.
  5. Why do I forget.

    [ADDED] The signshop now has a create and use permission.
  6. Sign shops!

    [ADDED] Ability to create signshops.
    [FIXED] Code cleanup.

    Warning: If you upgrade to this version you will have to delete your settings.yml (you can just copy your spawner settings).
  7. Explosive levels.

    [FIXED] If a spawner drops by explosion it will now keep its level.
    [ADDED] The "/spawner" command will now also tell if the plugin is up to date.
  8. Please fix.

    Changelog for version 2.5
    • [Added] the "/spawner give" command can now also set the level of the given spawner.
    • [Added] You can now remove the effect of a level/spawner without getting errors in the console log.
    • [Added] "/spawner cleandatabase" command.
    • [Fixed] The "/spawner setlevel" command now finally work properly....
  9. Boost bug fix

    Changelog for version 2.4.2
    • The spawner you place will now have the right boost and effect intead of 1.0 and null
  10. 1.8 GUI fix!

    Changelog for version 2.4.1
    • Because the developer didn't realise that 1.8 doesn't have all the mobs from 1.12 the GUI crashed. This is now fixed!