SpawnersPlus 2.6.1

This plugin allows players to: mine, place, give, set and upgrade spawners.

  1. Why do I forget.

    [ADDED] The signshop now has a create and use permission.
  2. Sign shops!

    [ADDED] Ability to create signshops.
    [FIXED] Code cleanup.

    Warning: If you upgrade to this version you will have to delete your settings.yml (you can just copy your spawner settings).
  3. Explosive levels.

    [FIXED] If a spawner drops by explosion it will now keep its level.
    [ADDED] The "/spawner" command will now also tell if the plugin is up to date.
  4. Please fix.

    Changelog for version 2.5
    • [Added] the "/spawner give" command can now also set the level of the given spawner.
    • [Added] You can now remove the effect of a level/spawner without getting errors in the console log.
    • [Added] "/spawner cleandatabase" command.
    • [Fixed] The "/spawner setlevel" command now finally work properly....
  5. Boost bug fix

    Changelog for version 2.4.2
    • The spawner you place will now have the right boost and effect intead of 1.0 and null
  6. 1.8 GUI fix!

    Changelog for version 2.4.1
    • Because the developer didn't realise that 1.8 doesn't have all the mobs from 1.12 the GUI crashed. This is now fixed!
  7. Don't lose your head!

    Changelog for version 2.4
    • If you mine a spawner then the level of the spawner will get saved in the item, so when you place the spawner again than the level will be set automaticly.
    • The /spawner give command changed to /spawner give <player> <entity> <level>
    • The skeleton head in the gui has changed to the head of the entity spawn type.
  8. 1.8 SUPPORT!!!

    • It's finally here, a lot of you guys wanted support for MC version 1.8 and now it's here! One downside of using this plugin on 1.8 is that the setparticle autofill does not work (1.12 will still have this function).
    • /spawner give <player> <enitity> command added!
  9. SpawnEgg on spawner bug fix

    Changelog for version 2.2
    • If you use a SpawnEgg on a spawner it will now spawn a mob just like it you would on a normal block. Before this it would spawn in the corner of a block or even inside the block. This was a huge issue for some faction servers.
  10. Spawn egg fix and more features!

    Changelog for update 2.1:
    • You can now place spawneggs against spawners without them changing the spawntype (unless you are creative and changed the settings)
    • Mining and placing spawners now requires a permission (spawner.mine & instead of a settings option.
    • You can now disable the rightclick GUI in the settings (/spawner upgrade will still work).
    • Shift rightclicking will no longer open the GUI (so it's easier to place blocks against spawners).