SpawnPoints 1.1

Randomly teleport users to predefined spawnpoints when they type /spawn!

  1. Ninstet
    This is a simple plugin which allows server owners to predefine a global server spawn and a list of random spawnpoints. When players type /spawn, they will be teleported, randomly, to one of the predefined spawns. Players return to the hub when they die or type /hub. You can also allow donors / 'premium' users to select which spawn they want to go to with /spawn <name of point>.

    Click HERE for commands, permissions & full documentation.


    • Predefine a hub (global) spawn and a number of random spawnpoints.
    • Teleport users to a random predefined spawnpoint when they type /spawn.
    • Teleport users to the hub on first join, death, or the use of /hub.
    • Allow 'premium' users to choose which spawnpoint they go to with /spawn <name>.
    • An auto-updater which checks for and allows updates to be installed in-game.