SpawnTP [Simple] 1.0.3

Teleports Players to a specific Location on Join

  1. eventseen
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    SpawnTP teleports Players to location on Join.

    (Commands can be viewed in game with /stpinfo)
    Command | Permission | Description

    /stpinfo | | Information about the Plugin & Commands
    /stpsetlocation | stp.setlocation | Main Command > Set Spawn Location
    /stpstate <On/Off> | stp.setstate | Enables/Disables the Plugin (Teleport Function)
    /stpreload | stp.reload | Reloads the Configuration
    /stpcurrent | stp.current | Shows the Current Spawn Location
    Exclude from Teleport | stp.noteleport
    Admin-Join-Message | stp.adminmsg | Displays a message whether the Spawn is set or not on Join.

    NOTE: No special installation settings reqiered. Just install it like any other plugin. The Config files will automatically be created. You can change the location of Spawn via /stpsetlocation.

    There is not much to it. If you haven't used /stpsetlocation once and you want to manually edit the location in the config.yml file, you need to set set: true under the section location: .

    The setting disable-exclude-perm set to false diables the Exclude Permission, so everyone gets teleported.

    NOTE: All messages can be edited in the messages.yml file.

    NOTE: No additional Plugins are required.

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