SpawnTP 4.0.0

Teleports joined player to set spawn location. Ideal for hub servers!

  1. per world spawn \\ tp to spawn on world change \\ added /spawn command

    • You can now set a spawn point per world.
    • If a player changes world it will teleport him to the set spawn location. you can disable this in the config file of this plugin.
    • If a player enter's the command "/spawn" he will be teleported to the set spawn location of that world. You can also disable this in the config file.
    I also added a new command. "/spawntp reload" if you enter this command it will reload the config so you won't have to reload or restart the server on every change you make to the config.

    The config file should update automaticaly. If it does not you need to remove it and reload or restart the server.
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