SpecialArrows 2.0

Allows your players to have teleporting arrows, radiation arrows and more!

  1. Afro
    SpecialArrows is a Spigot/Bukkit plugin that allows you to have effects after you shoot an arrow. The effects that are avalible are lightning, teleportation, and explosive arrows. It comes with a cooldown, so players are not constantly spamming these effects.

    • /sa toggle <lightning, explode, teleport, radiate, torch> (or <l, e, te, to, r>)
    Allows you to manually toggle on/off your arrow effects.
    • /sa or /specialarrows
    Info on the plugin.
    • /sa t or /sa toggle
    Brings up a GUI/Menu that allows you to easily toggle on/off your arrow effects.
    1. Drag the SpecialArrows.jar to your /plugins folder
    2. Restart your server
    • specialarrows.lightning - Allows the player to use the lightning effect.
    • specialarrows.explode - Allows the player to use that explosion effect.
    • specialarrows.teleport - Allows the player to use the lightning effect.
    • specialarrows.radiate - Allows the player to use the /amazing/ radiation effect.
    • specialarrows.torch - Allows the player to use the new torch effect!!
    • Lightning - Shoots lightning wherever the arrow landed.
    • Explode - Makes a creeper-sized explosion where the arrow is.
    • Teleport - Teleports the player to the location of the arrow.
    • Radiate - Poisons any monsters or players in a 5 block radius. The poison lasts for 5 seconds.
    • Torch - Places a torch on top of the block the arrow landed on.
    - Add configuration, allowing administrators to choose how long the cooldown is.
    - Add more arrow effects

    If there are any bugs, please contact me so they can be fixed.
    It'd be gr8 if you'd give this a r8 m8, thanks I appreci8!

Recent Updates

  1. New Effect Types!
  2. Bug Fixes 4/18/15

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