SpecialHeads 1.0

Take player's and special heads!

  1. ArthurMaker

    Do you want to get heads easily and some extra heads too? So this is the perfect plugin for you!
    Now you can get special heads in Minecraft, like in the image above this description.

    Commands and Permissions
    | Commands | Description | Permissions |
    /head | It gives you your head! | specialHeads.getHead
    /head <player>| Take a player's head! | specialHeads.getHead
    /head extra <type> | Take a extra/special head! | specialHeads.getExtraHead
    /head info | Info about the plugin! | ---

    To see all the special heads that you can get with this plugin, just type '/head extra' and see them all in the list.

    Translations | msg.yml

    - English [default]
    - Brazilian Portuguese

    To install a translation, just copy the messages that are in the link of the translation and replace by the content in the msg.yml.

    - Me!
    (Be a translator and I'll give you the credits! To be a translator, just send me a PM.)

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Recent Reviews

  1. jdipasquale
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin works amazing, light-weight, and bug-free! Good job author!