SpecialItems (CONINTUATUION) 4.1

Dragon Simulator, Custom Items w/ abilities, custom enchantments table and combining,stats, pets

  1. G_K-
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Original Creator: Ancash
    This is a continuation of a plugin, and most of the code is not mine, so I suggest you check out the original owner Ancash, and the original plugin here

    I am only continuing this plugin because it is discontinued


    There are currently six main stats:
    ❤ Health
    ❇ Defense
    ✎ Mana
    ❁ Strength
    ☣ Crit Chance
    ☠ Crit Damage

    PLEASE SET THE MAX HEALTH IN THE SPIGOT CONFIG TO 15000000. If you don't dragons wont work and also maybe health for player if they are too high

    Each stats boosts the player in some kind.

    For example:
    Health boosts players health
    Defense boosts players defense (more defense = less damage)
    Mana can be used to use an items ability
    Strength boosts the dealt damage
    Crit Chance increases the chance to get a critical hit
    Crit Damage increases the dealt damage if the hit is a critical hit

    Player can increase their Defense and Health by wearing armor.

    Defense and Health can be increased (on the armor) by applying enchantments like Protection (3 Defense per level) and Growth (15 Health per level)
    There are commands which you can use to add Strength, Damage, Crit Chance and Crit Damage:

    /strength <value> (Gives an item Strength)

    /damage <value> (Gives an item Damage (1 damage = 0.5 hearts))

    /addcc <value> (Gives an item Crit Chance)

    /addcd <value> (Gives an item Crit Damage)

    /adddef <value> (Gives an item Defense )

    /addhp <value> (Gives an item Health )

    /addint <value> (Gives an item Intelligence )

    If a hit is critical the shown damage will be in colors
    You can give players extra stats by using the command:
    /attribute add/remove player mana/defense/strength/critchance/critdamage value to give a player extra stats.

    NOTE: These stats are saved in a file and cannot be less than 0. If you want the players to have for example less health you can decrease the base health in the config.

    Armor Enchantments (most important):
    Growth: Gives 15 Health per level
    Protection: Gives 3 Defense per level against everything
    Blast Protection: Gives 4 Defense per level against explosions
    Fire Protection: Gives 4 Defense per level against fire and lava
    Projectile Protection: Gives 4 Defense per level against projectiles

    Swords (most important):
    Life Steal: Heals you for 0.1% of the damage you dealt
    First Strike: Increase the damage dealt by 25% per level on the first hit
    Ender Slayer: Increases the damage dealt to ender dragons and endermen by 8% per level
    Cubism: Increases the damage dealt to magma cubes, slimes and creepers by 8% per level
    Critical: Increases Crit Damage by 10% per level
    Dragon Hunter: Increases damage dealt to ender dragons by 8% per level (not obtainable through enchantment table)
    Sharpness: Increases dealt damage by 5% per level

    Bows (most important):
    Cubism: Increases the damage dealt to magma cubes, slimes and creepers by 8% per level
    Snipe: Increases dealt damage by 0.1% for every 10 blocks traveled per level
    Aiming: Arrows home towards nearby entities if they are within 2 blocks per level

    All items (except armors) can have Telekinesis (block and mob drops go directly into your inventory).

    The enchantments will be shown if the enchanted item has no lore or the lore contains a string with 11 spaces.

    If the item has more than 5 enchantments the description of the enchantments will disappear

    The Enchantment Table is a custom enchantment table which includes all custom enchantments named in Enchantment List. It can be used to add enchantments to axes, pickaxes, shovels, hoes, bows, books, armors and swords. If you place an item in the table you can choose between 3 options. The bottle on the left has the lowest enchantment levels but also doesn't cost that much. The bottle in the middle costs around 35 levels and is better than the one on the left. The bottle on the right costs the most but has the best enchantments.
    If you have an enchanted book and want to combine it with an item or you want to combine two items you can use the anvil. The xp costs are based on how many anvil uses the items have and the levels of the enchantments you want to add.
    Pets are a creature that follows you around and (not right now but in the future) give you buffs to your stats.
    You can level them up by mining blocks and killing enemies
    /attribute add/remove <player> defense/mana/health/crit_chance/crit_damage <value>
    /ci (open inv with custom items)
    /strength <Nr> (adds strength to the Item in your hand)
    /damage <Nr> (adds damage to the Item in your hand)
    /addcc <Nr> (adds crit chance to the item in your hand)
    /addcd <Nr> (adds crit damage to the item in your hand)
    /dragfrag (gives you Dragon Fragments) currently disabled
    /drag <Health> (Spawns a drag)
    /pet give <name> <common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary> (gives you a pet)
    /pet inv (opens pet menu)


    To add items and Recipes: Click here
    For Dragon Simulator to summon dragons: Click here

    • Tarantula Armor Made to Correct Material
    • Fixed Double Jump
    • Fixed Pets
    • Better method for adding lore
    • Added Hyperion
    • Fixed Error with AOTE Teleportation
    • Added the option to put the Ability message on the Actionbar
    • Added Bonzo's Staff
    • Added Storm's Armor (Ability Doesn't Work ATM)
    • Scoreboard (can be toggled in config)

    IF PLUGIN DOESN'T WORK, TRY DOWNLOADING THIS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/13btyzrqlggrdhy/AABnc6Xoh-rWFy70KrBz3Huxa?dl=1

    Don't Spam Bonzo Staff too fast because some will glitch out
    Bonzo's Staff is just pretty glitchy in general so be careful and expect bugs
    Don't remove the Tarantula Section in the custom-items.yml
    Don't put anything in slots 0-7 on the custom-items.yml
    Config and other files might not load, if it doesn't, let me know immediately on Discord by friending me: G_K-#3462


    I am currently working to add multiple changes, these include:

    ⭐️ = Priority/Working on Now
    Strikethrough = Finished
    • Collections
    • Skills
    • Midas Sword
    • Materials for Custom Crafting
    • Reworking Damage ⭐️
    • Reworking Fall Damage
    • Fairy Souls
    • Pets Giving Stats
    • 1.13+ Compatibility
    • Orbs (Mana, Overflux, Plasma Flux) ⭐️
    • Reforges
    • Recombobulator ⭐️



    a plugin to handle coins, like Essentials.

    For support or suggestions add me on Discord at G_K-#3462
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