Spectate ban [1.15-1.6.4] 1.01

A new way of banning players!

  1. Sifex
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    Before we start, this plugin requires a (mysql) database to be connected.

    It uses the database to store if the player is banned etc.

    Just dm me on spigot if you have problems with this plugin!
    This plugin has support from 1.15 - 1.16.4 but isn't tested on 1.15!

    This mode allows the banned players to still join the server even when they are banned!
    They can fly around in the (your) set world and look at other players!
    Block place/break

    This is all changed in the config.yml
    There are many thing you can change in the config.
    For example: The message they get on a ban.

    Want to remove (for example) their rank on ban?
    Well, in the config you can add as many commands on ban as you want!
    These will run once you ban the %player%.


    1. Put the plugin in your plugins folder.
    2. Change the database info in the config.yml
    3. Restart the server!
    4. Once the connection is set up in the config.yml (and maybe edited the config while you'r at it), you can start using the plugin!

    The commands are really simple and straightforward:

    • /sb ► shows commands in game.
    • /sb ban <playername> ► to ban a player.
    • /sb unban <playername> ► to unban a player.
    • /sb about ► about the plugin.
    • /sb reload ► reloads the plugin.
    When banning a player you need to write in chat why the player will be banned.
    The reason will be kept in the database to review it later when he applies for a unban.
    Upon unban the reason will be deleted.

    • Add a command to request the reason, why a player was banned.
    • Add a date when he was banned.
    • GUI to see all banned players.
    • Make a non database version.
    • Suggestions?

    This plugin is free to use.

    You are allowed to fix/edit the plugin yourself if you know how.
    you aren't allowed to reupload yourself / claim it as your own.
    Unless asked for permission.


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