SpectateTP 1.2.1

Prevents teleporting with spectator mode without permission.

  1. jonthesquirrel
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    NOTE: I'm not supporting this plugin anymore, because Builder's Utilities has this feature and does it better. Please use that instead :)


    Prevents teleporting with spectator mode without permission.
    This is a simple plugin to solve a simple problem.
    Players can normally use spectator mode to teleport to anyone without permission (using the number keys). However, spectator mode can be useful, so disabling it shouldn't be the only option.
    This plugin prevents players from teleporting using spectator mode, unless they have permission.


    • deny-message - The message users get if they teleport using spectator mode without having the permission. Set to an empty string '' to not send a message.
    • spectatetp.tp - can teleport using spectator mode
    • spectatetp.reload - can reload the config file
    • /spectatetp-reload - reloads the config file
    Known issues:
    • Some spigot versions cause PlayerTeleportEvent.TeleportCause to return UNKNOWN when it should return SPECTATE, causing the teleport blocking to not work. If this happens, update to the latest spigot jar.

    • built jar properly to reduce size dramatically
    • small speed optimization
    • added command to reload config
    • if deny-message is empty string, sends no message instead of blank message
    Bugs: GitHub
    Roadmap: Waffle
    Chat: Gitter