Spectator 1.3.4

An extremely simple player spectator plugin.

  1. The Less Big Bug Fix Update

    Fixed some more bugs this time around:
    People in regular gamemode 3 will no longer loose their inventories when click-spectating players.
    Fix an exception when un-spectating players (I hope).
  2. The 110% Less Broken Update

    Everything that was an issue before (even things you didn't know about) is now fixed! @Neoblade298, enjoy the brand-spanking new gamemode remembering feature :)
  3. The Console Command Update

    You heard it here first, set players to spectator from console or command blocks using /spectate <player>!
  4. The Big Bad Bug Fix Update

    I'd like to again apologize to @Neoblade298 and @Johandrex for not getting these bugs fixed sooner.

    I knocked out every one of them, except for this one, unfortunately:
    "When in /spectate mode it's possible to copy the players inventory by spam clicking shift + left clicking"
  5. Now with 110% more location remembering!

    There is now a config option (on by default) to teleport you back to the location you started specing from!
  6. Fix ConcurrentModificationException While Cycling

    Fixed a silly mistake by a silly developer.
  7. Spectator Opt-Out, Minor Bugfixes

    Allows a player to opt out of being spectated with the
    spectator.bypass.viewable permission node.
  8. The Cycle Update

    Cycle through all online players while spectating!
    Check the commands and permission nodes for more info.
  9. Fix Inventory Loss On Player Switch

    No more losing your inventory if you switch to spectating a different player than your current one.
  10. Inventory Related Bugfix

    Fix bug where a spectator's inventory could be lost by "double spectating".