Speed Run 1.0.1

Make speed running more fun on your server with an integrated timer and hunter/hunted functionality

  1. SeaPhantom
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin is designed to provide a set of tools for speed runners or people who just want to have fun. It is made mostly for private servers where players can time their speed runs or even play against other players. If you know who Dream is on YouTube this plugin will allow you to do what he does. You can set players as hunters or hunted and the hunters can then use a compass to hunt down the hunted. In addition this plugin provides an automatic timing function which will time your speed runs. Finally this plugin also allows you to create new worlds in game so you don't have to restart your server if you want to begin a new speed run. Please keep in mind I did not use MultiverseCore to manage new worlds and their compatibility is untested but should work fine. If you enjoy the plugin please donate as it helps motivate me to continue working on this plugin!

    - World creation (creates normal, nether, and end with connected portals)
    - Timer management for timing speed runs
    - Manhunt style hunter vs hunted
    - hunters try to kill all the hunted
    - if a hunted dies from something other than a hunter it doesn't count
    - hunters receive a tracking compass which follows the nearest player
    - hunted try to kill the ender dragon
    - If a hunted is killed by a hunter they become a hunter

    Commands: Usage: {} = optional, [] = required, () = description
    /sr start (resets and starts timer or resumes)
    /sr stop (stops speedrun timer)
    /sr restart (reset speedrun timer)
    /sr pause (pauses speedrun timer)
    /sr resume (resumes speedrun timer)
    /sr add time [time] (add seconds to timer)
    /sr add hunter {player} (set self or player as hunter)
    /sr add hunted {player} (set self or player as hunted)
    /sr remove time [time] (subtract seconds to timer)
    /sr remove hunter {player} (remove self or player as hunter)
    /sr remove hunted {player} (remove self or player as hunted)
    /sr compass (give hunter tracking compass)
    /sr time (display timer count)
    /sr times (display all speed run times)
    /sr record (get fastest speed run time)
    /sr new [world name] {seed} (create a new world)
    /sr tp [world] {player} (tp to a world)
    /sr world (get info on current world)
    /sr worlds (list all worlds)
    /sr confirm (confirm risky command)
    /sr cancel (cancel risky command)
    /sr reload (reload and reset plugin / timer)
    /sr help (display this output)

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed plugin.yml