Speed Runner vs Hunter 1.8 1.0

Easy way to play Speed Runner vs Hunter, or Minecraft Manhunt.

  1. Willbob2004
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This is a plugin for the popular Speed Runner vs Hunter, or Minecraft Manhunt, game. However, this plugin is for 1.8. This series was popularized by Dream. It includes no code from the plugin he made, which would cost $20 to download. This plugin is free. Have fun!!!

    The latest version of this plugin is for 1.8. For a 1.16 or 1.15 version go to one of my other plugins, https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/speed-runner-vs-hunter.77806/.

    How it works:
    The hunter gets a compass that will point toward the nearest speed runner when right clicked. If the hunter kills the speed runner, they win. If the ender dragon dies, then the speed runner wins. If either the speed runner or the hunter are in the end or nether, the compass will not work.

    -Easy GUI to become hunter/speed runner
    -Hunter(s) get(s) compass that tracks runner(s)
    -When hunter respawns, they get a compass
    -Can use with single or multiple hunter(s) and speed runner(s)

    -- /SpdRunVsHunt - opens the menu
    -- /SpdRunVsHunt help - shows all commands
    --/SpdRunVsHunt allMustDie true - changes config value
    --/SpdRunVsHunt allMustDie false - changes config value

    AllMustDie -
    This value is for multiple speed runners only. This setting is for determine when the hunter(s) has(have) won. If they win once all the speed runners have died, then the "allMustDie" value should be set to true. If only one must die, then it should be set to false. By default it is set to true.

    My Patreon page is https://www.patreon.com/willbob2004. It is not required that you donate to get the plugin, like Dream, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did. Donations really help me to continue making plugins. If you support you can message me with any ideas or features you want in a plugin. I will focus my attention on those in order to get it make it as fast as possible for you.


    1. speed_runner_vs_hunter_gui_example.png
    2. speed_runner_vs_hunter_hunter_screen_example.png