Speed Sneak 1.0.0

When someone sneaks, another player gets Speed X! 1.14+

  1. awesomemoder316
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    The concept of this Plugin is in the summary! When someone sneaks, another random player gets Speed X for the duration of the sneak, in real time. Simple enough, right? Implementations include but are not limited to a "Minecraft but" style of challenge where all the players have to communicate, and a modifier to Manhunt.

    Speed Sneak
    • Tie in with Improved Manhunt! More about the linking in Improved Manhunt's page! (Upcoming)
    • Ability to choose who is a trigger player (i.e. gives another random player Speed X) and who is immune to the effects of Speed Sneak (i.e. not getting Speed X).
    • Just select players and start! No dedicated start command needed.
    • Tab Complete options that make sense.

    • /speedsneak add (player): adds a trigger player.
    • /speedsneak remove (player): removes a trigger player.
    • /speedsneak exempt (player): exempts a player from the effects of Speed Sneak.
    • /speedsneak include (player): includes a player for the effects of Speed Sneak.
    • /speedsneak list: list all trigger players and exempt players
    • /speedsneak help: (Well, I hope it's obvious enough!)
    [​IMG] All commands shown using tab complete.
    Linking with Improved Manhunt can only be done if Improved Manhunt is installed.

    Default settings:
    Included Players: None
    Excluded Players: None


    If there are any issues that you find, instead of negatively rating Speed Sneak, tell me about the issue on Discord instead. Any suggestions? Hop into Discord as well! I will not be reading the comments everyday, and I will be checking Discord more often in comparison.

    A GUI has been purposefully left out, in an attempt to reduce plugin size. However, if you feel that a GUI will make this plugin better, do reach out and tell me.

    This is a 1.16+ plugin, tested on 1.14 and 1.15, with a further back-port not being made. This is a Spigot based server plugin, therefore supported platforms include PaperMC. A minimum of Java 8 is required.

    Individual players do not need to install this plugin on their instance of Minecraft for this to work, only server installation is needed. Just drop this plugin in your /plugins folder to install!

    Lastly, if you really enjoy this plugin, do consider buying me a coffee. Regardless, enjoy the plugin!

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