SpeedBoats 1.1

Make boats way faster with particles and sound!

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    • 1.15
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    I created this plugin as my first plugin for the version 1.15.2.

    You have to hold either "Boat Controller" or "Super Boat Controller"

    Boat controller is a bit slower than the Super boat controller but both are way faster than regular boats.

    If you hold a boat key you will see the particles and the sound but you will not move unless you hold W, this creates the effect of a stopped motorboat.

    To get a Boat Controller type in: "/speedboat" or follow this crafting:


    To get a Super Boat Controller type in: "/super-speedboat" or follow this crafting:


    To get a Boat Key type in: "/boatkey" or follow this crafting:


    WARNING! Not recommended on very laggy servers! On a lagspike it might say a warning in console like: Boat moved too fast!
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  1. esalais
    Version: 1.1
    Good plugin, although if you see this, how do i make people who are not op not able to do the /super-speedboat command, cause it ruins the fun that people can just spawn them in, do you know how to fix it? Cause i have been using this plugin for a while now and enjoyed it until now
  2. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 1.1
    Good plugin. =)
  3. SrKeviin
    Version: 1.1
    Good plugin working in 1.16. If you can make boats can fly and edit the lore and custom name of items i can pay you
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      Author's Response
      I kinda discontinued developing this plugin but this is an interesting suggestion. I might think about it but it would be free :D