Speedcarts (minecart booster) 1.3.4

Improve your carts' speed.

  1. zant95

    Quote from plugin author:

    This plugin requires WorldEdit.

    With Speedcarts you will be able to increase the minecarts' speed in certain areas in a very comfortable way. Just select the area with WorldEdit and use the main command of the pluging (/sc). Using a very efficient way to store the information (without requiring a database) will cause minimum impact on your server. Furthermore, this plugin does not require configuration, only install and use!
    This plugin really does not change the speed of the minecart, but increases the limit that rails allow the minecarts to go. So only affects the rails you've configured. To see the speed at which a route is configured, you will need to right click with a golden shovel on the rail while you are crouching.

    The only command you will need in this plugin is "/sc" (alias "/speedcarts"), whose syntax is:
    • /sc set [speed]: It will increase with the selected speed all the rails within a WorldEdit selection (the value must be between 0 and 4, with 0.4 by default in a normal rail).
    • /sc set [speed] auto: Same as previous command except that the speed is automatically adjusted in curves and slopes to prevent minecarts to derail due to speeding.
    • /sc remove: The rails within the selection will be normal rails again.
    • /sc clean: If you use this command in a WorldEdit selection, you will delete from the storage the coordinates where currently there aren't rails.
    • speedcarts.edit: Allows to use the command "/sc".
    • speedcarts.view: Allows to use the golden shovel to see the speed of the rail.
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  1. WBA_Networks
    Version: 1.3.4
    A really nice plugin but
    Outdated no longer updated, Doesn't work on 1.12
    Dead plugin. RIP
  2. mactso
    Version: 1.3.4
    Wow! Very easy to use.
    This is for builder/admins or players who you give worldedit selection permissions.

    Finally minecarts which are useful and nearly as fast as horses.

    VERY EASY to use.