SpeedLimit 0.7.1

Limit players' speed! highly configurable

  1. robertlit
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    SpeedLimit, as the name tells, lets you limit the speed that the players will be moving in.

    How it works?
    SpeedLimit will teleport players that are faster than the set speed limit back to where they started moving.

    Highly Configurable, huh?
    SpeedLimit is highly configurable;
    You can set the speed limit on the server, you can select which worlds will the speed limit be active on,
    you can allow players to fall (straight down) faster than the speed limit and not be slown down,
    you can configure the message that the players will get when they're over the speed limit.

    /speedlimit - show info about SpeedLimit
    /speedlimit reload - reload the config

    speedlimit.bypass - bypass the speed limit

    Code (YAML):

    # SpeedLimit by robertlit

    # Make sure that this file is in valid YAML format

    # maximum speed (1 meter = 1 block)
    : 5

    # allow players to fall (straight or almost straight) down faster than the speed limit (true = allow, false = don't allow)
    : true

    # set speed limit mode, if both are true nothing will happen (the default, both are false, means: there is speed limit when flying and also when on ground)
    : false
    : false

    # the message a player will receive if he is above the speed limit (accepts color codes) type the message inside the quotes, to disable leave only the quotes with nothing in between
    : "&cWhoop! Too fast!"

    # whether to set a player back to riding an vehicle after the player passed the speed limit while riding a vehicle
    : true

    # worlds that have a speed limit
    - world

    Make sure to validate your config.yml here

    Reporting Bugs
    Please do not report bugs in the reviews section, please do report bugs in the discussion section. Note that the plugin is still in beta!

    5 stars :
    plugin works well, or with minor bugs
    1-4 stars : plugin has major bugs, change rating to 5 stars when the bug is fixed

    Feel free to donate and support me : https://www.paypal.me/robertlitmc

    Terms of Service:
    By downloading and/or using SpeedLimit ("the plugin") you accept the following terms:
    1. You must not decompile the plugin
    2. You must not copy and/or use any of the plugin's code
    3. You must not distribute the plugin and/or claim ownership of the plugin
    4. I (robertlit) may change these terms at any time without notice and you must always accept the most recent version of this license
    5. I (robertlit) reserve all the rights to the plugin and its code
    6. These terms apply to all versions of the plugin
    7. If you do not accept one or more of these terms don't download or use the plugin

Recent Reviews

  1. gabboman
    Version: 0.7.1
    It's excelent.

    I only wish it would also kick the infinging players instead of just setting them back. Great plugin tho
  2. Compieter
    Version: 0.7.1
    Works perfect without any issues.
    If the author reads this i would like it too be opensource so other people can improve it more and help with it.
  3. __Vekster007__
    Version: 0.7.1
    Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good!
    1. robertlit
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  4. IzDaBait
    Version: 0.6
    Not bad at all. In testing phase on 8b8t.xyz, anarchy server with 60+ players on high hours.
    1. robertlit
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review
  5. Riveranda
    Version: 0.6
    Excellent plugin. Would be nice if you could set a separate flight and ground speed.
  6. Lucicer_WPF
    Version: 0.5
    This resource is excellent in many ways and equally, I recommend it to most servers where chunk loading or excessive speed can be a problem including modpacks, many mods add items that increase speed and once stacked players can near an almost game-breaking level of god flash speed and cause chunk loading problems.
    I've had the opportunity to test this resource out on multiple updates and found that although some errors may rarely occur outside the updates displayed on the front page it does in fact work on 1.7.10 (and the entirety of 1.7) - although most of my time was focused on 1.7.10; the errors that occurred were minor and generally didn't affect the overall utility of the mod; however, the most noticeable thing was that the game recognised falling speeds regardless of configuration and occasionally after travelling distance, it may get confused and ping you back, although measures can be taken to prevent this with other resources or tools made by yourself. I want to clarify that both of these things were rare!
    Most importantly I want to thank you for the benefit that my server has received for using a said resource, Even as a larger modpack my server still runs fairly well and with this mod even people with worse computers don't have to experience tides of server lag anymore.
    If you do use it on this version I really recommend trial and error and also keeping the speed limit on the higher scale, this stops/makes the said problems far less frequent and more bare-able.

    I'd love to see more features come to this resource and I'll be supporting it for all the days, weeks, months and years the plugin receives updates and maintenance and probably long after it.

    - I'd love to see more versions on 1.7 (more for personal reasons I know it may not be the most popular update anymore).
    - configurable speeds for flight, swimming, walking etc
    - configurable warnings (Before taking effect) Ex. [SLOW DOWN, YOU ARE NEARING MAX SPEED]
    - Possibly different speed settings for different groups.

    (ALL THESE THINGS ARE CONCEPT IDEAS) I believe you could expand upon them and make it much more effective in execution If you think these ideas don't fit what you wanna achieve far enough not all ideas are to be accomplished.

    Again Thank you!, and I recommend this plugin!
    1. robertlit
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it.
      I will see if I can implement the features.
  7. TheNickSkater
    Version: 0.5
    Author fixed issues that I reported pretty fast and I promised to give a better rating.

    1. robertlit
  8. EvilSlime
    Version: 0.3
    Amazing plugin! This is exactly what I needed to prevent players from flying too fast using their mods in my creative server!
    1. robertlit
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  9. TravelerJay
    Version: 0.1
    The plugin works perfectly for my server, It does exactly what it say with no issues at all. If you move to fast you get teleported back to where you last were one second ago, it really helps weed out the players who are using speed/flying hacks in my server. Thank you so much for making this plugin.
    1. robertlit
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!