SpeedLimit 4.8

Slow down them players!

  1. ling_x
    Version: 4.0
    Oh,this plugin is very good.It helped me a lot.
    But I think not so many people know this plugin.Especially Chinese players.
    I am a player of www.mcbbs.net.
    mcbbs is the China's largest Minecraft Forum.
    I want to repost this plugin.Let more people know it.
    And I will mark you as the original author.And I will call others download it here.
    Can I do that? Look forward to your reply.
    1. Loving11ish
      Author's Response
      Hello ling_x, Thank you for the glowing review. I would be happy with you sharing my plugin download link on your forum, however, please be aware that the plugin only supports the English language.