SpeedrunnerAssassins v1.0.3

Multiple people attempt to speedrun the game...assassins style

  1. Ian1215
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    SpeedrunnerAssassins thumbnail.png Compatible with 1.16+! SpeedrunnerAssassins thumbnail.png


    A new twist on the manhunt minigame! Everyone is a speedrunner . . . and a hunter. Use your tracker compass to locate your target and stop them from beating the game, getting bonus loot along the way! Beat the ender dragon to win the game!

    • Tracker compass that works in the overworld, nether, and end
    • Customizable config
    • Updating kill contracts
    • Combat tagging system to track kills
    • Kills leaderboard at the end of the game
    • To start the game, type /assassins start
    • All players will be teleported to random locations in the world. Each player's spawnpoint will be automatically set. You will never spawn within 500 blocks of anyone
    • Each player will be given a compass that points to your target. Right click your compass to update it
      • Right clicking your compass will also tell you how far away you are from your target
    Note: this image was taken in version 1.0, where any distance higher than 1000 blocks was displayed as ">1000." In the current version, the highest distance shown is ">3000."
    • If you kill your target, you will receive bonus rewards:
      • First kill: iron ingot x 10
      • Second kill: blaze rod x 3
      • Third kill: arrow x 64, golden apple x 5
      • Fourth kill: potion of strength (30s), diamond x 5
      • Every kill after that: diamond x 10, experience bottle x 32
      • Note: each kill will also drop 8 bread
    • Kill contracts will update every 10 minutes
    • Once you kill your target, you will have to wait until the kill contracts update to get a new one
    • If you kill your assassin, there is no bonus reward (other than, of, course, getting their gear)
    • IMPORTANT: PvP is disabled for anyone that is not either your assassin or your target WHILE YOU ARE IN THE OVERWORLD OR NETHER. The end is a free for all to prevent a scenario where players who are not each other's assassins can't fight and end up just trying to steal the ender dragon kill.
    • GOAL OF THE GAME: You win the game if you get the achievement [Free the End]. This means killing the ender dragon; going through the portal isn't necessary
    • /assassins start <true/false>: starts the game. If <true/false> argument is omitted, the default is true. /assassins start false is used when there is a bug with the plugin or problem with the server that causes the game to stop. It will make sure that your progress isn't reset: you won't get your inventory cleared and you won't get teleported
    • /assassins end: this requires operator permissions to run. It will force end the game

    Code (Text):
      - ocean
      - deep_ocean
      - frozen_ocean
      - deep_frozen_ocean
      - cold_ocean
      - deep_cold_ocean
      - lukewarm_ocean
      - deep_lukewarm_ocean
      - warm_ocean
      - deep_warm_ocean
    exact-distance: false
    kill-contract-update: 600

    • blacklisted-biomes: prevents players from spawning in certain biomes. This was initially added to prevent players from spawning in the middle of an ocean, but you can customize the list of biomes using the biome ids listed here
    • exact-distance: when the compass is right clicked, it will tell you how far away you are from your target. Some players don't want to know exactly how far away their target is to add more mystery/make it harder to locate them. If this setting is set to false, the distance will show one of these options:
      • >3000
      • <3000
      • <2000
      • <1000
      • <500
      • <400
      • <300
      • <200
      • <100
      • For example, if you are 800 blocks away from your target, if "exact-distance" is set to false, you will see "<1000"; if it is set to true, you will see "800"
    • kill-contract-update: how often players' kill contracts will update. Whenever the players receive a new target, the cooldown will be set to this integer, and go down by one every seconds. The default setting is 600 seconds, or 10 minutes.
    • Does my compass work in the nether and end?
      • Yes! Thanks to the new lodestone block in 1.16, we can make compasses work outside of the overworld. Unfortunately, this makes the plugin incompatible with previous versions.
    • What happens if I right click my compass when my target and I are in different dimensions?
      • Nothing. You will get the message and the sound that your compass has updated, but the compass will continue to point to whatever location it was previously pointing at. If "exact-distance" is false in the config, the distance will be displayed as ">2000"; if the setting is set to true, the distance will return "null". When "exact-distance" is turned on, it is much easier to tell whether you and your target are in the same dimension
    • Do I have to /kill everyone before the game starts so we are all at full health?
      • Nope. When the game starts, this plugin will automatically:
        • Clear inventories
        • Set all players' gamemode to survival
        • Set health to full
        • Set hunger to full
        • Remove all potion effects
        • Revoke all advancements
        • Set the time to morning
        • Set the difficulty to normal
    • How does the plugin decide whether a death was caused by a player kill?
      • When an assassin hits their target, the target becomes combat tagged. If they die within the next 15 seconds, the hunter receives kill credit, and the bonus loot will be dropped
    Known Issues:
    • When there is a large amount of people playing, some players may spawn thousands of blocks away from their targets, meaning that it can sometimes be impossible to reach your target before the kill contracts update
    • To prevent infinite loops, the code will give itself 20 tries to find a location that is not in one of the blacklisted biomes. Sometimes, a suitable biome cannot be found and the player will be sent to the blacklisted biome. On the default settings, this usually only happens when there is a very large ocean

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Recent Reviews

  1. GreenToke
    Version: v1.0.2
    Great plugin man. I love it, great for server and for players.
    It's fun people love it and it's a way to make your server fun.
    I have one suggestion, could you please update this with stuff to be able to create an arena and joining signs without running command /assassin start ?
    1. Ian1215
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and the feedback! I will definitely consider adding your suggestions in a future update!