SpellItems 2.2

LUA scripted Items and Enchantments

  1. andre111
    This Plugin can be used to create Spellitems and custom Enchantments.
    It comes with a Manasystem, Cooldowns, "charging up spells", effects and Spells. The enchantments work on Bows, Snowballs, Eggs, ...

    This page is currently WIP, for more information please visit my wiki:

    1. /siGive [player] [...item]
      • Gives a Player an Item using the SpellItems Syntax
    2. /siEnchant [enchantment_name] [level]
      • Enchants to Item you are currently holding with a custom Enchantment
    3. /siMana [player] [maxmana_or_regen] [value]
      • Gives a Player Rewardpoints/resets them
    4. /siReward [player] [points_or_"reset"]
      • Allows you to set the maximum Mana and Mana regenerationrate for Players
    5. /siHelp [commad]
      • Can be used to get a detailed description of all commands
    • spellitems.*
    • spellitems.give
    • spellitems.enchant
    • spellitems.mana
    • spellitems.reward
    • spellitems.help

    This Plugin was originally created for use with my other Plugin Dwarves vs Zombies.
    It now is completly sepperated from it and can be used alone.